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Top Tech Tools for Maximizing Independence for Seniors

senior checking heart rate on watch monitor

Maximizing independence for seniors is possible with the help of some innovative technology.

From being able to keep in touch with long distance loved ones to having groceries delivered right to your front door, technology helps us all live more enjoyable and comfortable lives.  As we age, technology can also provide much needed assistance in our day to day lives, as well as much needed support in maximizing independence for seniors.

Senior care technology has advanced incredibly quickly in the last ten to twenty years, and there are more options available that are designed to help improve life for older adults. As smart technology, social media and interactive telecommunications systems continue to advance, maintaining independence at home as a person ages is easier than ever before. Consider these tech tools if you’re caring for an older loved one.

  • Safety Sensors: For families who have loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, wandering can be a safety issue. Sensors can be installed in and around the home to keep track of a senior’s movements and to alert caregivers if the senior falls or leaves the home.
  • Webcams: Similar to sensors, webcams can be placed around the home so that caregivers can check in on the senior throughout the day. Some webcams can also host video chats, allowing family members who live at a distance to communicate with their older loved ones.
  • Medical Alert Devices: Medical alert systems are worn by seniors, and with a simple push of a button, they can call for help in an emergency situation. Many medical alert devices can connect people immediately to 911 or another emergency response provider. There are some devices that can even detect if a fall has occurred, without needing to even press a button at all.
  • Automatic Medication Dispensers: Automatic medication reminders and dispensers can help older loved ones improve medication adherence. In some dispensers, an alarm notifies the senior that it is time to take his or her medication. Some also dispense the correct dosage. When a dose is missed, a message is sent to the caregiver to let them know.

As professional in-home care providers, Home Matters Caregiving can help families integrate tech tools that can help with maximizing independence for seniors. Contact us online or at 800-298-5140 for more information about our senior care services and how they can enhance independence for your loved ones.

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