At Home Matters, we have a motto that underscores our philosophy about training. Simply put, it reads “Better Training Better Care”.

High-quality training is critical to ensuring excellence in care. That’s why our care professionals receive ongoing training opportunities through both nurse-guided classroom training and professional online training. These training opportunities enable our Care Professionals to continually develop and improve the skill sets needed to be confident and effective when caring for our clients

Nurse Guided Training

Each month, the Home Matters Nurse provides hands-on classroom training for our team of care professionals.

These training sessions cover important care topics with in-person demonstrations and hands-on evaluations. It’s these regular training sessions that create an environment of ongoing learning and collaboration among our dedicated care professionals.

Professional Online Training

To supplement our Nurse Guided Classroom Training, each of the Home Matter Care Professionals is provided access to a wealth of professional online training content.

This content has been developed by leading educators in the field of home care and allows our care professionals to continue their pursuit of care excellence.

Training Matters

Better training means a consistently higher quality of care for you or your loved one.

Professional training month in and month out enables a consistency in care important to ensuring our clients remain safe and happy at home.

Our training content is developed by experts in senior care, specifically created to foster ongoing learning in critical areas of care.

Our interactive and dynamic course presentation is fun and reinforces learning which keeps our care team motivated to develop critical care skills.

Exceptional training for our caregivers means exceptional care for you. That's why our mantra at Home Matters is Better Training, Better Care.

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