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Self-care during Alzheimer’s isn’t as hard to obtain as you may think! In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of caregivers taking time for self-care. But trying to find time for self-care during Alzheimer’s is even more

Maximizing independence for seniors is possible with the help of some innovative technology. From being able to keep in touch with long distance loved ones to having groceries delivered right to your front door, technology helps us all live more

Learn how to strike the right balance between senior safety and independence with these tips. When an older loved one begins to show some symptoms of needing more help around the house, it can be easy to jump into problem-solving

Home Care in Sun City AZ: Getting good, quality sleep is vital for your aging adult to stay as healthy as possible.

The results of remaining physically active throughout the aging process are considerable. However, for people with Parkinson’s, it could truly be a game-changer in the progression of the disease. Several recent studies are uncovering direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s,

Remember Sunday dinners at the grandparents’, whenever the whole family came together round the table to have a hearty meal, chitchat, and laughter? Regrettably, with many families now living far away from their older family members, and with so many

Those of us who follow the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease are all too familiar with the troublesome amyloid plaques thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s. But is it possible that the buildup is, in fact, helpful? Neuroscientists Rudolph Tanzi

The interesting research of the latest AARP study is in: those who maintain a healthy diet are twice as apt to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent in comparison to those who rarely eat well. In

“It’s just been one of those days,”  we sometimes lament, shrugging our shoulders gloomily. After all, sometimes things happen that are entirely out of our control, and some days all of these things seem to happen at the same time

Impacting millions of Americans, vision loss can be as varied as the individuals who experience it – from simply having to put on a pair of reading glasses to skim through the morning paper, to complete blindness. And it’s a

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