Nurse-Guided Care

At the heart of our care system is Nurse-Guided Care where an experienced nurse oversees the quality of care provided to every client. Over the years, we’ve found there’s no substitute for the hands-on experience of a dedicated senior care nurse to ensure every client is well cared for. Nurse-Guided Care is one of the primary reasons so many medical professionals continue to refer their patients to Home Matters.

A System Built On Strong Communication

When your loved one receives care at home, and you live somewhere else, communication for you is critical. At Home Matters, our care teams follow proven steps of communication to ensure you are kept up to date on your loved one’s care so you can rest easier knowing your loved one is safe and well. And, of course, our nurse is available for family questions to ensure you get answers when they’re needed the most.

Better Training, Better Care

At Home Matters, training is a foundational part of ensuring excellence in care. Home Matters provides its care professionals with an initial strong foundation of nurse-lead training. But the ongoing training is the true difference-maker in achieving excellence in care. Monthly training enables our care professionals to continually improve and develop the skill sets needed to better serve our clients.

Technology That Improves Care and Lowers Care Costs for Families

While the adoption of technology has been widely absent in the home care industry, Home Matters is quickly becoming a leader in the use of our Smart Care Applications. This new technology not only improves the quality of care provided, but it also provides greater information so families can make better decisions as the needs of their loved ones change. In many cases, the cost of care is lowered by leveraging smart care technology, significantly reducing the financial burden of care for a growing number of families.

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