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Try an elder mediator for help with difficult family dynamics. In working together to make sure the care needs of your aging parents are met, even the closest siblings can find themselves in dispute. Stress levels and emotions are, without

Maximizing independence for seniors is possible with the help of some innovative technology. From being able to keep in touch with long distance loved ones to having groceries delivered right to your front door, technology helps us all live more

A healthy diet is recommended for many reasons. It's the best way to lose weight, keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the normal range, and even is believed to help prevent Alzheimer's.
Senior Care in Paradise Valley AZ: Millions of seniors in the United States are aging in their homes without a spouse or family member living with them. While there are financial advantages to this type of arrangement, one of the
Senior Care in Chandler AZ: May is Older Americans Month, a month dedicated to celebrating older adults and the many ways they contribute to the world. According to President Donald Trump’s proclamation, the month is a time to “recognize and

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