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Use Your Holiday Visit to Check on Senior Safety

Smiling Mature nurse embracing senior woman and holding a Christmas gift while sitting on the sofa.

Living across the country from family makes it hard to see our aging loved ones as frequently as we’d like, but during the holidays, families make it a priority to spend quality time with each other – making it the perfect opportunity to ascertain senior safety for your loved one. There are quite a few red flags that are unnoticed in weekly telephone conversations, emails, or even through Skype, but which often become very clear when the family gets together during the holiday season.

The skilled home care team at Home Matters recommends asking yourself the questions below to decide if there are any senior safety dangers that ought to be further explored:

Home Concerns:

  • Can you notice a difference in the level of cleanliness of the home?
  • Do you see a buildup of clutter, such as stacks of newspapers and mail?
  • Are foods in the fridge and cabinets fresh?
  • Can you notice burn or scorch spots on pots/pans, counter surfaces, or any other spots in the kitchen?
  • Is the home being kept at a comfortable temperature?

Personal Concerns:

  • Has the individual gained or lost body weight?
  • Has overall hygiene diminished?
  • Do you notice any burns, bruises, or other injuries?
  • Does the senior family member seem to be being affected by issues with balance or strength?
  • Are all needed medical aids being appropriately used and in good condition, such as eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids?

Finance Concerns:

  • Are there collection statements, unpaid bills, telephone messages from debt collectors?
  • Do bank statements include any suspicious purchases?
  • Is the senior family member lacking in any necessities?
  • Is the older individual experiencing – and replying inappropriately to – solicitation phone calls or mailings?
  • Are there any additional names included on bank account statements that may indicate potential fraudulence?

If these or any other warning flags are observed, an important starting point is to make an appointment with the senior’s doctor to attend to any potential health problems. Then, contact Home Matters for help in resolving a variety of issues related to aging at home, like meal preparation, light housework, transportation to medical appointments, warm and friendly companionship to deter isolation and loneliness, and much more.

As a best home care provider, it is the objective of Home Matters to keep older individuals safe, healthy, and thriving at home. Our care staff are fully screened, interviewed, and background checked to offer peace of mind for families, and trained and experienced in a variety of facets of senior care. Contact us for a free in-home consultation to discover how we can best meet your loved one’s individual needs.

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