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How to Celebrate a Healthy Thanksgiving With Older Loved Ones

An older woman carries a turkey to the table as her family looks on and prepares for a healthy Thanksgiving.

These tips will help you and your whole family enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving this year.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and use your imagination to bring to mind all of the delectable scents of Thanksgiving: the roasting turkey, buttery rolls, homemade pies, and all the other delicacies we love to indulge in during this time of year. But for those who struggle with the challenges of following a special diet due to diabetes or another chronic health condition, Thanksgiving can feel less celebratory and more like a time of restrictions and limitations.

However, It is possible to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving without overdoing it. These tips from our home care experts are a great place to start:

Begin with breakfast. Some people like to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, to save room for the big meal to come. However, it’s always a better idea to have a healthy breakfast to prevent overeating later.

Try healthier versions of the classics. There are so many ways to create delicious, healthier versions of traditional Thanksgiving favorites. Try replacing mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower, or prepare roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon and olive oil instead of candied yams.

Don’t overdo the dessert table. It wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving without those delicious homemade desserts! As long as the person’s dietary plan permits it, a small portion of one or two favorite desserts allows for the enjoyment of a sweet ending to the meal. Try to include some fresh fruit as well.

Listen to your stomach. We tend to overeat at Thanksgiving more than at any other time of year. Make the decision to listen more closely to your stomach than your eyes. It is certainly tempting to go back for seconds and even thirds, but our bodies will let us know when we’ve had enough. It can also help to use a smaller plate to limit portion sizes and prevent overindulgence.

Work it off afterwards. Instead of slumping into a recliner in front of the TV for the rest of the day, get up and active to burn off those extra calories. Go for a walk together, or initiate some active games the whole family can participate in together.

For more healthy Thanksgiving tips, reach out to Home Matters Caregiving. We’re always available to provide helpful tips and to share more about our customized in-home care solutions that help older adults stay healthy before, during and after the holidays. Just some of the many ways we can help include:

  • Running errands, like picking up groceries and prescriptions
  • Preparing nutritious and appetizing meals in accordance with any prescribed dietary plan
  • Providing accompanied transportation to family get-togethers and other functions, so that the person’s needs are fully met
  • Offering companionship for conversations, games, and fun activities
  • And so much more

Contact us at 800-298-5140 for a free consultation to share the challenges you’re facing, and to learn how our personalized home care services can help. To see if our services are available in your area, visit our Locations page.

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