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Follow these Halloween safety tips for those with dementia to ease any fear and anxiety that may be experienced. Halloween can be so much fun for all ages! Older adults typically love visits from children trick-or-treating, delicious seasonal treats, and

Self-care during Alzheimer’s isn’t as hard to obtain as you may think! In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of caregivers taking time for self-care. But trying to find time for self-care during Alzheimer’s is even more

Dementia confusion can lead to a senior experiencing an alternate reality, something that can be extremely challenging for family members. Dementia confusion, a common occurrence in Alzheimer’s, can result in recent memories being forgotten or altered, while those from the

Some inappropriate behaviors in Alzheimer’s disease can be extremely difficult to manage, but these tips can help. Alzheimer’s is a complex medical condition that often brings with it complex issues for family caregivers. As the disease advances, communication shifts to

Home Health Care in Sun City AZ: When a parent has dementia, dining out poses a challenge. It's not always avoidable, however. Your mom really wants to attend her granddaughter's wedding dinner.

Those of us who follow the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease are all too familiar with the troublesome amyloid plaques thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s. But is it possible that the buildup is, in fact, helpful? Neuroscientists Rudolph Tanzi

It may sometimes be a bit intimidating to know what to mention and how to behave when spending some time with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. And, sadly, due to a number of inherent elements of the disease, oftentimes

Do you recall how challenging it could be when you were young to learn the lesson of sharing with your brothers and sisters? While the incredible importance of taking into consideration other people’s feelings, and also being fair, was impressed

“How can you say I have Alzheimer’s disease? There is nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve ever heard a senior loved one with dementia frustratingly express this or perhaps a very similar sentiment, you might have believed the person was

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