Remodeling the Bathroom for Better Use

Is your elderly loved one having a difficult time using their bathroom? Maybe, they suffer from chronic pain that makes it difficult for them to get in and out of their shower. They might have a difficult time opening and closing the bathroom door because of arthritis in their hands. There are many reasons that elderly people may need to make changes to their bathroom. Here are some of the best remodeling tips to help improve the use of it for your elderly loved one.

Better Handles

Is it difficult for your elderly loved one to use the handles on their shower, tub, or sink? Maybe, they have a difficult time turning the knob-style handles. If this is the case, you may want to consider having someone install lever-type handles. These are usually much easier for elderly people to grip onto than knob-style handles.

Changing the Door Lock

Does your elderly loved one’s bathroom have turn-style door locks? If so, it might be very difficult for them to get a grip on the lock. There are many things that can cause these difficulties including arthritis in the fingers and shaky hands. If this is happening with your elderly loved one, it might be best to have someone change the door locks. It would be best to have button-style door locks instead of turn-style locks. If your elderly loved one continues to have trouble using the door locks, you or an in-home care provider may need to help them.

Switching the Cabinet Hardware

hand holding the handrail in the bathroom. Focus on the handrail.

What type of handles are on the bathroom cabinets? Does your elderly loved one have handles on their cabinets that are tough to grab onto? If they have handles that are small or have small loops on them, it could be causing them some issues. It would be best if you can have someone install vertical c-shaped handles. These are usually much easier for elderly loved people to hold onto. However, there are many other cabinet hardware options that might be easy for your elderly loved one to use, as well. You can check a local hardware store to see what might work best. If you have new cabinet hardware installed and your elderly loved one is still having trouble opening the cabinets, you may need to have in-home care providers help them with this.


These are some of the bathroom remodeling tips that might help your elderly loved one the most. If you can have these things done, your elderly loved one might be able to move around better, get into their cabinets easier, and have the privacy they need in the bathroom, as well.

If you aren’t sure which remodels would be best in your elderly loved one’s bathroom, you can always talk to someone at the hardware store to see what they believe would be best.

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