How to Help a Senior With Severe Anxiety

Anxiety is an increasing problem among the general population, and the senior population is no exception. More seniors today suffer with anxiety, typically due to boredom, loss of control over their health, and decreased ability to perform their daily tasks.

Understanding What Causes Anxiety

Home Care Milwaukie, OR: Severe Anxiety

The first step to helping your senior with their anxiety is understanding where it is coming from. There are many things that can cause anxiety to seniors but some common causes include fear of medical emergencies, loneliness and stress of being dependent on family members for care. While some of these stressors are inherent with growing older and not much can be done to remedy them, there are some things you can do to help your senior with this anxiety. Home caregivers, for example, can help with the stress of being physically dependent on family members.

Symptoms of Anxiety

There are many internal symptoms of anxiety, but these can morph into physical symptoms. Seniors might be more likely to express these physical symptoms than talking about the emotional ones. Physical symptoms might include headaches, nausea, and stomach issues. Without a reasonable other cause of these symptoms, it could be safe to assume anxiety is at the root of these issues. A home caregiver should be able to notice these symptoms and help your senior with anything they need at this time.

Coping Mechanisms

Dealing with anxiety can look different for everybody and it’s important to know which way is best for your senior. Deep breathing is a useful way to cope with anxiety, as it increases the amount of carbon dioxide in your body and relaxes the part of the brain associated with anxiety.

Encouraging your senior to be more active is another way home caregivers can help your senior while they are struggling with anxiety. Being active is an important part of overall health, and it can especially help with your senior’s mental health. Even if your senior can’t do extraneous activities, there’s plenty of exercises they can still do. Chair yoga or swimming are excellent choices for less mobile seniors.

Social interaction is another way to help decrease your senior’s anxiety. Whether that be meeting up with friends for lunch, or hosting a game night, any form of interaction with their friends can help to relieve the stress of their daily stressors.


Anxiety can be hard to navigate for anybody, but especially for a senior who might not have total control over their day-to-day life. Home care is an excellent choice for someone who needs that extra attention and care throughout the day.

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