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Traveling Safely with Seniors This Winter

The holidays is the best time to visit your family. It is difficult to make a trip to visit someone when you have to take care of a senior citizen. But, if one does decide to travel with a senior citizen there are a number of precautions one must take no matter what the form of traveling is. The most important thing when traveling with a senior is taking it easy. Even a minor accident can be a disaster on a senior citizen’s health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traveling, especially with seniors, means making sure to bring medications, back-ups, and emergency contact referrals.
  • Warm winter-wear clothing is particularly of the essence for hypothermia-prone elders, as is stocking blankets and pillows.
  • First-aid kits and hot packs are important road-travel essentials, especially when traveling with elders.

“Winter is the most dangerous time of year for traveling in general. With snow in the air, ice on the roads, and fewer hours of sunlight per day, winter presents a number of unique travel risks.”

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