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The Spotlight Of The Senior Fair

Social Security & Medicare | The Spotlight Of The Senior Fair

Lipinski, a speaker at the recent senior fair, said that he hosts ten to twelve such senior events in his district every year, and most seniors he speaks to are concerned about potential cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Lipinki said that these concerns “are always on the top of the list with seniors.  It’s understandable because it’s something that seniors very much care about.”

A representative of AARP Illinois, Courtney Hedderman, was on the scene to offer updates about new legislation under consideration by national and state government that may impact Medicare and Social Security benefits for seniors:  “There are a lot of people worried that there will be cuts of Social Security and Medicare.  We inform them about new legislation and give them advice on ways to contact their local representatives.”

Veterans, Agent Orange, & Health Care

Wayne Macejak of the American Legion of Illinois also attended the Senior Fair, where he says that he often finds veterans with no idea that they are entitled to certain benefits for health issues received during combat.

Macejak references a herbicide known as Agent Orange, which was used to clear jungle foliage during the Vietnam War for combat and was later linked to the onset of many illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.  “Many people I talk to are Vietnam veterans who have diabetes and other problems.  The government has found that many of these illnesses are occurring because we sprayed the whole country with Agent Orange.”

One Resident Finds Hope With Home Health

Rich Peters, age 66, a resident of Romeoville, Illinois attended the Senior Fair to find out more about services that might be available to him.  Over the course of the evening, he spoke with a representative of a home health care company.

I learned that home health care can save money and can still allow people to live independently.  I also think it’s a great alternative, instead of going to a nursing home.  It seems to be the way of the future.

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