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Safe Summer Exercising Tips For Seniors

June 22, 2022
Elder Care Beaverton, OR: Safe Summer Exercises

The weather is heating up and summer is here. That’s great news for seniors who love to be outdoors. But seniors need to be careful when they are exercising in hotter temperatures. All over the country temperatures are going up and so is the humidity. That can make exercising outdoors dangerous for seniors who have trouble regulating their body temperatures because of age or because of health conditions. Elder care for seniors is great for making sure that seniors stay safe in the summer heat. But seniors should also take these precautions when they’re exercising this summer:

Exercise Early In The Day

Elder Care Beaverton, OR: Safe Summer Exercises
Elder Care Beaverton, OR: Safe Summer Exercises

During the summer months seniors should try to exercise early in the morning while it’s still cool outside. Evening exercise after the sun goes down is ok as well, but most seniors prefer to exercise first thing in the morning. Exercising at night can make it tough for some seniors to wind down and get down to sleep. If your senior loved one has elder care a care provider can help them get up and get dressed for exercise right away in the morning. Going for an early morning walk or bike ride will get the stay started in a great way for your senior loved one. 

Drink Lots Of Water Before, During, And After Exercising

Staying hydrated is very important for seniors who are exercising in the heat. Seniors should start drinking water at least an hour before they exercise if possible. They should also drink lots of water during their exercise time and continue to drink water after. Water is the best thing for seniors to drink but sugar free sports drinks with electrolytes can also be useful for seniors. 

Dress Appropriately

Whenever seniors are exercising in the heat it’s important that they dress appropriately for the weather. Light layers of clothes made from natural fabrics are perfect for exercising. Seniors should also wear a hat that keeps the sun off of their face to protect themselves from sunburn or wind burn depending on what activity they are doing. Seniors who are going to swim in the morning or during the way may want to wear a surfing rash guard, which is a light top that has sleeves made for surfing. The rash guard will protect seniors from sunburn when they are in the pool. 

Take Rest Breaks

And the most important safety tip for seniors exercising in the heat is to take frequent rest breaks. Exercise is something that seniors should be doing every day, even when it’s warm. But when it’s warm it’s absolutely encouraged for seniors to stop and take breaks whenever they feel like they need a break. Sit down in some shade, sit on a bench, take a break from swimming laps, or stop to take a drink. Seniors should take rest breaks as often as they need to and always should stop exercising if they start to feel dizzy or faint or if they feel any pain.

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