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Open Dialogue From Caregivers During BCA Month May Open Up Doors for Others


It won’t be long before Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 kicks off and caregivers everywhere will be helping the cause by sharing their stories. The non-profit group, Breastcancer.org, reports that there are already over two million people dealing with breast cancer diagnoses. So unfortunately, there is no shortage of voices able to personally speak out about the subject.

And as we saw when celebrity Shannen Doherty frankly discussed her battle with the disease in late summer 2015, it helps to talk. Talking reveals issues and resources that some people going through cancer battles may not know about. For example, what we often hear from many breast cancer patients and their caregivers is the monstrous strain battling the disease puts on their lives. It is pervasive and certainly hard to handle alone. There is even a name for the negative consequences that occur on the caregiver side.

It’s called Caregiver Stress Syndrome. Thankfully, many people are able to find temporary respite from their worries with home care. They find that turning over some of the daily responsibilities commonly associated with breast cancer patient care helps do more than reduce stress. It gives them much-needed time to care for themselves and provides their patients with a break in routine too.

Sometimes those breaks in routine help people battling breast cancer feel connected to the outside world. Plus, it frequently lets them see their respective situations in a whole new light. For example, they may have opportunities to interact with breast cancer survivors or other people who share their love of a particular activity (e.g. playing card games). In turn, it may expand their network of social and emotional support to a healthier degree.

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