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Making New Friends at Senior Living

When elderly loved ones move into senior and assisted living facilities, it’s important for them to develop friendships with fellow residents so that they can enjoy daily life in their new home. Since they may not have had to make new friends in quite a while, they could be a bit out of practice. Certainly, being active in groups activities like morning stretch and field trips is one way to meet new people. Also, make meal time an opportunity to socialize with others at your table. Use the lounge area to read a book or work on a puzzle, where you can meet others doing the same. Fortunately, there’s no timetable for making friends. Just greet fellow residents with a smile and stop to chat with those who are willing.

Key Takeaways:

  • As elderly loved ones move into senior residential housing, it’s important for them to make new friendships so that they can enjoy daily life in their new home.
  • Mealtimes are the perfect setting to chat with fellow residents and begin to form new relationships.
  • Participating in planned group activities such as bingo and off-site field trips are a great way to start socializing with others.

“Every single resident in the senior living community was once in the same position—the “new kid” who didn’t know anyone. They all got through that period of social awkwardness, and your parent can too!”

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