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How Can Home Health Care Help Seniors Recovering From A Heart Attack?

Home Health Care Beaverton, OR: Heart Attack Recovery

If your senior parent survived a heart attack they were fortunate. But as they recover they will need to start making some lifestyle changes to prevent future heart attacks. Home health care can help seniors through the recovery process and help them make the necessary changes that they need to make to be healthy in the future. Seniors can usually recover from a heart attack at home after they are stable, but it’s a good idea to have home health care at least for awhile so that they aren’t alone if you need to work or take care of other responsibilities. Some of the ways that home health care can help seniors recover after a heart attack are:

Healthy Meals

Home Health Care Beaverton, OR: Heart Attack Recovery
Home Health Care Beaverton, OR: Heart Attack Recovery

One of the first things that needs to change after your senior parent has a heart attack is the way that they eat. Healthy plant based meals are essential. If your senior loved one is overweight a healthy diet will help them lose weight. That will lower their chances of having another heart attack. Having someone help them make healthy meals will also teach your senior parent how to make the kinds of low calorie vegetable based meals that they will need to eat from now on in order to improve their heart health. 

Housework And Shopping

While your senior loved one is recovering they will likely not be able to do strenuous activities like housework. Mopping, vacuuming, and laundry can all be very hard physically. A care provider can handle the household chores as well as cleaning up, doing dishes, and grocery shopping while your senior parent is in recovery. They can also run errands and take care of any small tasks around the house that come up. That will give your senior loved one the chance to just focus on their recovery. 


Exercise should be something that your senior loved one starts right away. At first just walking around the house will likely be enough exercise while their body recovers. However, exercise needs to be a way of life for any senior that has already had a heart attack. Exercise and a healthy diet are the best things that seniors can do to prevent future heart attacks. So, seniors will need to start walking around the block, going for bike rides, and doing other physical exercise when their doctor says it’s ok. Having a workout partner will motivate your senior loved one to get moving. 

Help Quitting Smoking 

If your senior loved one still smokes that will need to stop. After a heart attack seniors should absolutely not smoke. A home care provider can provide emotional support for senior loved one as they go through the difficult process of quitting smoking. Even though it can be hard to quit ultimately it will be worth it. Your senior loved one will have a much lower risk of another heart attack if they quit smoking immediately.

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