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Elder Home Care Builds Brain Health

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Everyone, young and old, needs to try new things to keep their brain sharp and engaged in thinking, problem-solving, and remembering. Many seniors needing eldercare, including home care, have built daily routines and stopped trying new things. Grandpa tells the same stories and watches the same movies, over and over. Great Aunt Marla pages through the same photo album, everyday. It is so important to encourage any older adult to try new things and to present them with opportunities to read new books, play new games, paint a picture, chat with a new friend, or do a puzzle. A daily care provider can provide perfect opportunities for adding new activities to your senior’s day, while still remaining comfortable at home.

All of us benefit from being challenged to think about new ideas, try new things, or interact with new people. According to Cynthia Green, author of 30 Days to Total Brain Health,”You have to do something in all these areas – mind, body and spirit – to keep your mind sharp and to stay vital.” Mind activities include puzzles, reading, or games. Body activities get your blood moving and wake up your brain, too. Physical activity is important, too, in keeping your brain sharp. Taking a short walk or gardening are activities that a fairly inactive adult can step into gradually. Spirit activities build feelings of well-being; including meditation or attending church services. Most important, though, are activities that include social interaction. Conversations, especially with new acquaintances (like the caregiver), are so important. They require focus and keeping track of who said what. Playing games are great for conversation and for building focus.

Our daily care is the perfect vehicle for some of these brain builders. Conversations and companionship ensure that Grandpa or Great Aunt Marla build focus and renew interest. It raises anyone’s spirit to have something new to learn about and to feel capable, interested, and full of thoughts to share.

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