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Home Care Agencies Protect against Elder Abuse

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In a recent news article posted on September 27, 2014, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announced that “elder abuse is on the rise,” most commonly in the form of financial abuse.  Only 4% of fraud cases get reported out of 5 million seniors who are victimized each year.  Scammers pose as fraudulent private caregivers when they post advertisements on various print and online sites.  The elderly have no way of investigating private caregivers’ backgrounds, assessing their characters, or truly knowing their work ethics.

These predators have access to a score of seniors’ information when they purchase a “sucker list” from companies that solicit personal information through false contests, like winning an “all-expense paid vacation.”

To protect your elderly loved ones against potential danger and fraud, it is vitally important to hire a highly skilled caregiver who is already pre-screened and pre-qualified by a home care agency that has done the hard work for you, like criminal background checks, reference verification, and character screening.

When you contact a reputable home care agency like Home Matters, you have the option of signing up for service over the phone or coming in person to meet the professional staff members for yourself.

In addition to providing in-home care assistance with daily living, such as meal preparation, house chores, laundry, bathing and grooming, Home Matters raises the bar for other home care agencies by having occupational therapists as part of our team.

Managed by a seasoned fire fighter and a licensed senior care nurse, our occupational therapists create customized exercise plans to meet each client’s unique needs.  Our management team of medical professionals provides unsurpassed quality of home care you won’t find anywhere else.

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