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Five Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

The number of older adults with diabetes is over 14 million. More than 34 million Americans of all ages have the disease, and 88 million adults have prediabetes. Around 1.5 million cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year.

It’s one of the nation’s most common health conditions, and that’s concerning as it can impact vision, mobility, heart health, and oral health. During National Diabetes Month, it’s time to address your dad’s diagnosis. He has prediabetes or diabetes, so what foods shouldn’t be in his grocery cart?

#1 – Dried Fruit

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Dried fruit may seem like a healthy option, but they’re often high in carbs and sugar. While a cup of green grapes has 15 grams of sugar, a cup of golden raisins has almost 67 grams.

#2 – Fried Foods

Avoid all fried foods like french fries and onion rings. The oil they’re fried in can increase the risk of inflammation. Potatoes are also high carb, so your dad needs to be careful if he likes having potatoes with his meals.

#3 – Fruit Yogurts

Yogurt is great, but the fruit varieties usually have added sugar. Some brands contain well over 30 grams per serving. If your dad wants yogurt, purchase plain yogurt and add chopped fruit, seeds, and nuts instead.

#3 – Processed Foods

Processed foods like muffins, doughnuts, cookies, and brownies are bad choices. So are crackers, margarine, and buttery spreads. If they contain trans fats, they’re linked to insulin resistance and lower the good cholesterol levels that benefit your body.

#4 – Sodas and Other Sugary Beverages

Your dad needs to give up sugary beverages. Sweetened iced tea, sodas, and fruit drinks with added sugar are all horrible choices. He needs to stick to unsweetened teas, coffee without sweeteners, water, and seltzer.

#5 – White Rice

White rice has little in the way of nutritional benefits. It’s a high-carb food that increases blood sugar levels. In addition to white rice, your dad should avoid gluten-free items as they’re often made with rice flour, which is just as detrimental.

Have you talked about having your family learn more about diabetes? Your dad needs all the support he can get, and it’s easy when you hire home health care services. A nurse can come to your dad’s home to talk about how he tests his blood sugar levels, how to manage his meals and snacks, and what needs to be done if he needs insulin.

With home health care, your dad learns what to do to take care of himself. The rest of the family can also sit in to learn more about his care needs. That’s how a comprehensive care plan is created to ensure your dad’s health comes first.

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