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We desire the right health care for our loved ones, but is it possible that on occasion, less is best? Based upon a recent report published  by Dr. Martin Makary, professor of surgery and health policy at the Johns Hopkins

Nowadays, everyone is talking about bullying and how to stop it. When we were children, bullies were everywhere and seemed to get away with everything; but we’re a zero-tolerance society now when it comes to bullying. However perhaps there’s some

Sweetie, honey, dear – terms of endearment such as these may be appreciated when uttered by our spouse or when directed to our very young children, but how do senior citizens react to them? In a word, many are downright

Everyone at some time has noticed friends, family and workmates withdraw from social contact, allow personal grooming to slip by the wayside, cringe at a raised voice or look blank when addressed in conversation. Not many people recognize these signs

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