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There are seven types of self-care for caregivers that are crucial to maintaining a healthy life balance. On any given day, your role as family caregiver may involve helping a senior loved one get up and dressed, preparing breakfast, providing

Try an elder mediator for help with difficult family dynamics. In working together to make sure the care needs of your aging parents are met, even the closest siblings can find themselves in dispute. Stress levels and emotions are, without

Learn how to work with siblings to ensure a fair distribution of care duties for better senior care. If you are in charge of the majority of the care for senior parents while your brothers and sisters distance themselves from

Compassion fatigue can be challenging to recognize and overcome, but these tips can help. As a family caregiver, you give so much of yourself to the person in your care. It’s easy to become emotionally and/or physically depleted and to

Try these tips to alleviate caregiver stress and restore peace of mind. Caring for someone you love is a great honor and incredibly rewarding. Yet it can also become overwhelmingly stressful at times. If left unaddressed, this stress can manifest

When an elderly relative suffers from tremendous back pain, their doctor often recommends spine surgery. It is most often done for those who have herniated disks or bone spurs on the spine.
One of the ways that you can try to balance your career with caregiving is by bringing your work home.
Senior Care in Chandler AZ: May is Older Americans Month, a month dedicated to celebrating older adults and the many ways they contribute to the world. According to President Donald Trump’s proclamation, the month is a time to “recognize and

Remember Sunday dinners at the grandparents’, whenever the whole family came together round the table to have a hearty meal, chitchat, and laughter? Regrettably, with many families now living far away from their older family members, and with so many

It may sometimes be a bit intimidating to know what to mention and how to behave when spending some time with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. And, sadly, due to a number of inherent elements of the disease, oftentimes

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