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Hiring Caregivers: The Importance of Safety When Hiring a Caregiver for Your Aging Parent

At some point in time, many adults will find themselves in the position of hiring a caregiver for an aging parent or other senior family member. The easiest way to find a caregiver is via personal recommendation from a trusted party or by sifting through the classified ads on sites such as Craigslist. While some money and time may be saved by using this method, it is not wisest choice in the long term.

The biggest issue in hiring independently… is liability.

The family will literally become the employer and as such would be responsible for any medical and disability expenses the cargiver might incur. People who work freelance in the caregiving industry also tend to leave it very quickly and move on, which could create a difficult situation for the family involved. Most of all, it is more difficult to know what the person’s background actually is, and hiring an independent caregiver is taking a big chance on safety.

Peace of Mind

Hiring through a home care agency will bring peace of mind by knowing details such as withholding, taxes and insurance are taken care of. Agencies can also perform thorough background checks as well as drug testing, and only hire dedicated people who are qualified to do the job. When all of this is factored in, the cost is roughly the same as an independent hire.

Training and Monitoring

A caregiver who works through an agency is trained in first aid techniques and CPR and is also insured and bonded. That person must follow rules and a code of ethics set by the agency. If a CNA is working in a home, that person may be checked up on regularly by a nurse to ensure everything is being done properly.

The Right Caregiver for the Job

A home care agency also offers the choice of different caregiving personnel so if one is not quite the right fit, another person may be substituted. Another advantage is always having someone available to step in if the regular caregiver becomes ill or cannot work for some other reason. The family can avoid the panic of calling around for a replacement and possibly missing work or school if one cannot be found.

When it comes to a beloved senior, the safety and reliability of a home care agency is the best way to go.

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