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Activities that Home Care Companions Can Do with Seniors to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

There is an important distinction that needs to be made in regards to elder care. Home care companions are not nurses. This means that they are not around to keep your senior loved one tucked in their bed when they will occasionally be visited for vital signs to be taken and medication to be handed over. Quite the opposition, home care companions are there to make sure that your loved ones are living the happiest, most energetic, and healthiest life but they possibly can. This means, of course, taking care physical need such as bathing, dressing, grooming, nutritional support, and medication reminders, but they’re far more benefits to having a home care companion.

A home care companion is just what their title suggests, a companion. This means that she is there to offer emotional support, friendship, and anything that your seniors need in order to enjoy a high quality of life. One thing that a qualified and dedicated home care companion will do is plan fun activities to do with seniors that will keep their minds active and their bodies healthy. Filling their days with activities will give your senior loved ones more productive and happier lives.

Some of the fun activities that your home care companion can do with your loved one include:


Making a scrapbook is one of the most wonderful ways to encourage a senior to remember their lives and record their happiest memories. A scrapbook is a lasting way to recall the accomplishments, memories, and legacy of a senior. With your help, a home care companion can gather photographs, letters, and any other mementos that can be included in a scrapbook that will give your senior the opportunity to share stories and relive the happiest times in her life.


If your senior once loved cooking but is now unable to prepare her own meals, she may greatly miss this activity. Home care companion can prepare meals and snacks with a senior so that she can continue to enjoy the activity of cooking while remaining safe. This is also a chance for home care companion to introduce lighter and better balanced nutrition than your senior may be used to. Good nutrition is key to health and well-being, and making your senior a part of the meal preparation will make them feel good about themselves and their independence.

Physical Activity

Many seniors with mobility issues feel that they are no longer capable of participating in any form of physical activity. Much to the opposite, even seniors with serious mobility issues can enjoy activities on a daily basis. This is fantastic for physical and emotional health, and can stave off medical concerns and lead to a happier, healthier, and longer life. A home care companion can bring a senior out for walks, bring them to senior exercise classes, or even just help them with exercises and activities right there own home. By making it fun, and home care companion make physical activity something that your senior will look forward to.

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