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Purpose Driven Care

Enhancing quality of life for older Adults

We strive to empower older adults to manage their health, maintain independence, and enjoy a higher quality of life as they age. Through our evidence-based Purpose Driven Care method, we design and implement personalized care plans that prioritize key behaviors associated with successful aging.
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Purpose-driven mindset

High Standard of Care

We are committed to never having a client go without care. Everyone deserves safety, comfort, and happiness in their environment, and we’re dedicated to making that happen.

Increased Quality of Life

Our caregivers foster trusted, lasting bonds with clients, enhancing their quality of life through emotional support and social engagement.

Maintaining Independence

Through personalized care plans and regular evaluations, our care teams empower seniors in maintaining their autonomy and self-sufficiency.

1-on-1 Personalized Care

Your dedicated care team will ensure you’re safe, happy, and cared for with a plan tailored to your preferences, requirements, and circumstances.

Open Communication

Our team prioritizes open communication with families, building trust and transparency throughout the aging journey.
High Standard of Care

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The Five Keys for Successful Aging

At Home Matters, we execute Purpose Driven Care through strategies based on the Five Keys for Successful Aging. These keys provide a framework for promoting health, happiness, and fulfillment in the lives of our clients.
Exercise and Diet

Exercise and Diet

Our caregivers encourage tailored physical activities like walks and exercises for strength, while highlighting a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
Engage the Mind Daily

Engage the Mind Daily

For cognitive well-being, our caregivers engage clients in activities like reading, meaningful conversations, and embracing curiosity to promote lifelong learning.”
Build Fun into Your Life

Build Fun into Your Life

We believe in the power of joy and laughter. Our caregivers encourage enjoyable hobbies, games, and shared experiences that bring excitement and vitality to daily routines.
Strong Social Network

Strong Social Network

We value social connections for combating loneliness and enhancing emotional well-being. Our caregivers support clients in maintaining relationships and utilizing social media to build a strong support network.
Strengthen Your Sense of Purpose

Strengthen Your Sense of Purpose

We take the time to understand each client’s personal goals, interests, and values. Our caregivers incorporate meaningful activities and purposeful engagement to empower clients to lead fulfilling lives.

Want tips on successful aging?

Encouraging Positive Behaviors

Our care plans prioritize a holistic approach to well-being by focusing on daily exercise, dietary choices, energy levels, and social interactions.
Improved Eating Habits

Better Strength and Balance

Regular exercise reduces the risk of falls and enhances overall physical well-being.
Increased Energy

Improved Eating Habits

A well-balanced diet lowers blood pressure, improves nutrition, and contributes to overall health.
Better Strength and Balance

Increased Energy

Being active & eating healthy boosts energy levels, leading to more social engagement & enjoyment of life.

Caregiver Tasks Supporting Purpose Driven Care

Better Strength and Balance

15-minute walks,
twice a day

Participating in online presentations and social activities

Participating in online presentations and social activities

Reading together and engaging in meaningful conversations

Reading together and engaging in meaningful conversations

5 minutes of strength-building exercises

5 minutes of strength-building exercises

Encouraging five servings of fruits and vegetables

Encouraging five servings of fruits and vegetables

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and Families Gallery 4

Facetime calls with extended family members

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“I wholeheartedly recommend HomeMatters exceptional home care services. Their team of compassionate caregivers consistently goes above and beyond to provide personalized support to patients. From skilled nursing to companionship, you can absolutely trust HomeMatters for reliable and compassionate home health care.”
Elissa Fineman
“It isn’t easy seeing a parent decline and need more care than you can provide as an adult child. The experience is full of anguish and self-doubt. But Home Matters lightened our load by providing such competent, attentive, and personal care. Our family will always be grateful to them.”
Pat Huddleston
“My family and I know mom is in good hands and honestly, having Home Health care takes away a lot of stress and anxiety that comes along with caring for aging parents. Tisha says “we are a family” and that is how I feel mom is taken care of. Can’t thank you enough!”
Julie Fogard
“The team at Home Matters did an exceptional job of not only taking care of my Mother’s physical needs, they took the time and made an effort to engage her mind in conversation and encouraged her to eat healthy and do her exercises.”
Don Woods
“Let me start by saying it was hard enough to let someone into our home to clean but take on the responsibilities watching over my father very hard decision. Home Matters made it very easy with meet & greet/interview with company manager & caregiver.”
Joern JT Thorman

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