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Senior Care Services in Houston Metro

September 19, 2023
Senior care services enhance well-being, providing tailored support for aging individuals.

Senior care services enhance well-being, providing tailored support for aging individuals.

As we or our loved ones age, there often comes a time when additional care and support are needed for daily living. Senior care services aim to provide compassionate assistance tailored to an individual’s needs, allowing them to maintain comfort and quality of life. For families in Houston Metro looking for senior care options, Home Matters offers a range of services with dignity and respect.

Overview of Home Matters’s Senior Care in Houston Metro

Home Matters has been providing individualized home care for older adults in Houston Metro for over 10 years. Our team of experienced caregivers assists with activities of daily living, companionship, supervision, transportation, and more. We work with each family to develop a customized care plan focused on enabling independence while ensuring safety and wellbeing.

As a leading provider in Houston Metro, Home Matters is dedicated to helping seniors live joyful, engaged lives in the comfort of home. Key services we provide include:

Companionship Care

Loneliness and isolation can negatively impact health and wellbeing. Our caring companions provide engaging social interaction through conversations, games, shared meals, and accompanying seniors to community events or appointments. Companionship promotes mental acuity and emotional wellness.

Personal Care

From bathing and grooming to medications and mobility, our professional caregivers tend to personal care needs with dignity and kindness. We assistance with activities like dressing, hygiene, using the restroom, and providing medication reminders.


To help seniors live comfortably at home, we handle household tasks like cooking nutritious meals, cleaning, laundry, and changing bed linens. Homemakers also run errands like grocery shopping or arranging transportation.

Respite Care

Acting as temporary relief for primary caregivers, our team provides breaks by assisting with bathing, meals, mobility, supervision, and medication reminders. Respite care offers family caregivers time to recharge.

Skilled Nursing Care

For those recovering from illness/injury or managing chronic health conditions, our skilled nurses handle wound care, injections, disease education, monitoring, and related medical tasks. Nurses collaborate with doctors on care plans.

Specialized Care

We customize care for those with specific needs like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and more. Our staff is trained to provide empathetic care using evidence-based techniques tailored to the individual’s condition.

Live-In Care

For families needing round-the-clock care and supervision, we offer qualified live-in caregivers who reside with the senior and are on-call 24/7 while providing companionship and attentive care.

By getting to know each senior and consulting families, we develop customized care plans that promote safety, comfort, and independence. Our team has experience with diverse illnesses, injuries, disabilities, and chronic conditions. Home Matters serves Houston Metro with care options tailored to each family’s unique needs.

Benefits of Home Senior Care

Home care offers many benefits for seniors over options like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Some key advantages include:

Familiar Environment – Seniors can age comfortably at home surrounded by belongings, memories, and family members. Familiar settings are less disorienting.

Independence – Home care allows seniors to be more self-reliant regarding daily routines like sleeping/eating. Care is provided flexibly based on evolving needs.

Family Involvement – Loved ones play a key role in care while remaining close-by. Families oversee their loved one’s wellbeing.

Customized Care – Each senior’s care plan is tailored to their health conditions, personality, lifestyle and preferences. Home care is more personalized.

Preventive Care – Caregivers can monitor changes and catch issues early to prevent major medical events. Home care helps seniors take medications properly and make doctor appointments.

Socialization – Companions engage seniors in stimulating social activities, conversations, and community/family events to enhance mental health.

Rehabilitation Support – Caregivers assist with therapy exercises, equipment use, and mobility to help seniors regain abilities during recovery.

Peace of Mind for Family – Knowing their loved one is safe and comfortable at home brings family members comfort and reassurance.

While allowing seniors to remain at home, caregivers provide an extra level of support with everyday tasks to ensure safety, health, and an engaging lifestyle. Home Matters works closely with Houston Metro families to make home care successful.

Senior Care Services Offered by Home Matters in Houston Metro

Home Matters provides a range of home care options that can be combined and scheduled based on each senior’s unique needs. Our main types of home care include:

Companionship Care

Isolation and loneliness have serious consequences for senior health. Our caring companions foster social engagement and mental stimulation through activities like:

  • Conversation and friendly visits
  • Games, puzzles, reading aloud
  • Arts, crafts, baking, gardening
  • Sharing meals & tea time
  • Helping write letters, menus, or memos
  • Looking at photos & reminiscing
  • Accompanying to religious services
  • Escorting on community outings and errands
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Monitoring overall wellbeing

With regular social interaction and companionship, seniors experience improved mood, cognition, and quality of life. Our compassionate companions enjoy enriching activities with seniors.

Personal Care

Daily personal care that becomes difficult like bathing, dressing, and grooming is gently assisted by our caring team. Personal care services include:

  • Grooming help like bathing, oral care, hair styling
  • Dressing & undressing assistance
  • Toileting & incontinence care
  • Help with walking, transfers, and mobility
  • Escorting to appointments
  • Preparing nutritious meals & snacks
  • Providing eating assistance as needed
  • Support with medications & treatments
  • Overseeing self-administration of meds
  • Monitoring health changes to report
  • Motivation with therapeutic exercises
  • Running errands like pharmacy pick-ups

Our staff tends to personal care tasks with kindness and patience, promoting comfort and dignity. We adapt care plans as needs evolve.


To allow seniors to stay at home comfortably, our team handles chores like:

  • Planning/preparing meals & special diets
  • Serving meals & providing feeding assistance
  • Cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms
  • Changing bed linens, laundry, ironing
  • Loading/unloading dishwashers
  • Straightening up living spaces
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Assisting with paying bills & writing letters
  • Running errands like groceries or prescriptions
  • Arranging transportation to appointments
  • Caring for house plants and pets
  • Monitoring home safety issues

Our homemakers take care of both light housekeeping tasks as well as hands-on chores that have become difficult for an aging adult. We ensure seniors live in a clean, tidy home environment.

Respite Care

For family members providing substantial care themselves, our team gives periodic breaks by providing care in their absence. Respite care services involve:

  • Assisting with personal care like bathing, grooming
  • Preparing meals & snacks as planned
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Helping the senior feel calm & comfortable
  • Engaging in stimulating mental activities
  • Supporting mobility around the home
  • Doing light housekeeping & laundry
  • Running errands for necessities
  • Offering companionship & conversation

Respite provides family caregivers a chance to rest and recharge without worrying about their loved one. Short-term respite stays are also available.

Skilled Nursing Care

For medical needs requiring a licensed professional, our skilled nurses provide:

  • Wound care, injections, IV therapy
  • Ostomy care, catheter care
  • Monitoring vital signs & health data
  • Diabetes management & education
  • Support with speech, occupational, physical therapies
  • Cognitive stimulation & memory support
  • Medication management & administration
  • Coordinating care with physicians
  • Overseeing medication regimens
  • Pain monitoring & palliative care
  • Assistance after hospital discharge
  • Preventing unnecessary ER visits/hospitalization

Our experienced registered nurses communicate closely with doctors to provide clinical care at home. Families feel peace of mind knowing their loved one is in good hands.

Specialized Care

Seniors with specific age-related conditions need tailored support for the best quality of life. Our staff trains to expertly care for illnesses like:

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care – Using validation therapy and other evidence-based techniques, we calmly assist with tasks while reassuring and orienting those with dementia.

Parkinson’s Care – Caregivers provide exercise, mobility assistance, medication reminders, water safety measures, and daily support for Parkinson’s patients.

Cancer Care – We help cancer patients manage pain, navigate treatments, maintain nutrition, and provide transportation to related appointments.

Diabetes Care – Our team aids with insulin injections, blood sugar testing, foot care, meal planning, medication management, and preventing complications.

Hospice Care – Focusing on comfort and dignity, we deliver specialized hospice services so seniors can spend their last days surrounded by loved ones at home.

We individualize care for each condition to improve quality of life while managing symptoms. Our team partners with families to make daily living easier.

Live-In Care

For continuous care and supervision, our live-in caregivers reside in the senior’s home to be available 24/7 while also providing companionship. Services include:

  • Assistance with personal care, mobility around the clock as needed
  • Planning and preparing healthy, appropriate meals
  • Performing light housekeeping and laundry
  • Providing medication administration and reminders
  • Helping with daily activities and exercise
  • Assisting with transportation needs
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Ensuring safety while showering and transferring
  • Managing any cognitive difficulties or confusion
  • Monitoring overall health changes to report
  • Offering meaningful social engagement & activity

With live-in care, seniors gain round-the-clock support so they can comfortably and safely remain at home. Families have assurance that their loved one’s needs are met at all times.

With a range of senior care services available, Home Matters works closely with Houston Metro families to assess needs and design a customized care plan that provides necessary support while respecting independence. Our services adapt as care needs change over time.

Evaluating Senior Care Options in Houston Metro

Choosing home care in Houston Metro for yourself or a family member is an important decision. Here are some helpful tips for selecting a provider:

  • Look for state licensure which indicates approved training and background checks
  • Consider accreditation from organizations like JCAHO or CARF as a sign of quality
  • Look for specializations in relevant illnesses like dementia or Parkinson’s
  • Consider qualifications for tasks like nursing, nutrition, therapy
  • Evaluate caregiver screening, supervision, and matching process
  • Understand billing structure – private pay, long-term care insurance, VA
  • Ask about management of medications, doctor visits, emergencies
  • Consider personality match between caregivers and senior
  • Look for companion care to prevent isolation and depression
  • Seek culture/language matching if needed for comfort
  • Understand extent of family involvement and communication
  • Consider availability for live-in or 24/7 care if needed
  • Look for rigorous hiring standards and low turnover rates
  • Read reviews from other Houston Metro families

Home Matters is ready to partner with families in Houston Metro to provide customized senior care with compassion. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your loved one’s health, safety and comfort.

Contact us at 832-371-6600 to find out more about how in-home senior care services from Home Matters Caregiving Houston can provide you with the lifeline you need to enjoy a healthier quality of life.

Home Matters Caregiving proudly serves the Houston Metro area providing care for seniors wherever they call home.

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