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Live-In Care in Houston Metro

October 20, 2023

Having a caregiver live full-time in a senior loved one’s home provides continuous care and supervision that many families need. Live-in care allows seniors to remain comfortably at home with round-the-clock support for activities, safety, and companionship. Home Matters offers customized live-in care in Houston Metro.

Our live-in caregivers reside in the senior’s residence providing attentive care while integrating into the family. Live-in care offers an affordable alternative to facility care.

Overview of Live-In Care

Live-in care involves having a professional caregiver live permanently in the senior’s home to be available for needs 24/7 while also integrating socially into family life. Duties commonly include:

  • Assistance with personal care – bathing, dressing, medications
  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks
  • Providing mobility assistance and transfers
  • Household chores – laundry, changing linens, etc.
  • Transportation for errands, appointments
  • Medication administration and reminders
  • Monitoring overall health and reporting changes
  • Ensuring safety with supervision for fall risks
  • Social engagement through conversation, activities
  • Accompanying on community outings and events
  • Assisting with scheduling home services
  • Being available through the night for needs

Live-in caregivers become trusted companions while providing prompt, attentive support day and night. Families gain peace of mind knowing their loved one is never alone.

Benefits of Live-In Care

Having a dedicated live-in caregiver offers Houston Metro seniors and families many helpful benefits:

  • Continuous care and supervision 24/7
  • Medication adherence and health monitoring
  • Household maintenance without having to ask
  • No coordination gaps between multiple caregivers
  • Caregiver becomes familiar with habits and needs
  • Reduced risk of emergencies or hospitalization
  • Delayed facility placement and associated costs
  • Care recipient not left alone preventing hazards
  • Families avoid taking leave from work or moving in
  • Caregiver can accompany senior on vacations
  • Lower cost than comparable facility care
  • Customized care in comfortable, familiar settings
  • Ongoing companionship and engagement

Live-in care helps seniors facing chronic conditions or memory loss remain at home safely. Home Matters coordinates compatible pairings.

Screening Process for Live-In Caregivers

Home Matters takes extra care vetting and matching live-in caregivers with our rigorous screening:

  • Phone interview assessing qualifications, experience, skills
  • Multi-point background checks and criminal history
  • Driving record and auto insurance verification
  • Reference checks from three recent employers/families
  • Skills testing on care practices and protocols
  • Education review for relevant credentials
  • Assessment of ability to live with a family long-term
  • Culture and language matching when requested
  • In-home meeting allows family and senior to interview

We extensively screen live-in applicants to ensure the highest quality compassionate care.

Services Included with Live-In Care

Our live-in caregivers assist with a wide range of care needs around the clock:

  • Mobility assistance – Helping with walking, transfers, wheelchair use while watching for falls
  • Personal care – Bathing, dressing, grooming, using restroom
  • Medication management – Administering medications, refills, medical coordination
  • Meal preparation – Planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking favorite foods
  • Light housekeeping – Laundry, changing linens, organizing spaces
  • Transportation – Driving to appointments, events, errands
  • Engaging activities – Games, puzzles, reading, reminiscing, exercising
  • Safety supervision – Preventing dangerous situations like wandering
  • Health monitoring – Discussing concerns with family, doctors
  • Hygiene assistance – Oral care, nail grooming, skin care

Home Matters coordinates live-in care specific to each Houston Metro family’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

FAQs About Live-In Care

Many families have questions when exploring live-in care options. Here are some commonly asked questions:

What hours is the live-in caregiver responsible?

They are on duty 24/7 to assist whenever a need arises including overnight. But schedules allow breaks.

Can live-in caregivers prepare special diets?

Yes, we discuss dietary needs like low sodium, diabetic meals, allergies to accommodate.

Are live-in caregivers trained in dementia care?

Yes, our caregivers complete dementia training for techniques like redirecting, soothing anxiety, simplifying tasks.

How often are live-in caregivers switched out?

We aim for consistency but can rotate at least every 3-6 months. More often if a senior prefers.

What is the average cost of live-in care?

Costs range from $3500-$5500 monthly depending on level of care needed. Long-term care policies may offset.

What types of homes do live-in caregivers stay in?

They stay in the senior’s home. Private bedroom and bath are needed. We bring necessary furniture.

How does the family communicate with the live-in caregiver?

The family outlines routine and needs initially. Afterward, daily logs and weekly meetings are common for updates.

Having a live-in caregiver can allow Houston Metro seniors to remain living comfortably at home. Please reach out with any other questions about our live-in care services.

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