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Reliable Homemaking Services in Houston Metro

August 13, 2023
A homemaker assists an elderly man with griceries

Homemaking services enhance seniors’ lives by ensuring comfort, safety, and well-being.

As we age, keeping up with household chores and tasks can become difficult due to decreased mobility or energy levels. Light housekeeping and home maintenance often slide lower on the priority list but still need to get done regularly. That’s where professional homemaking services can help older adults continue living comfortably at home.

Home Matters provides dedicated homemaking services for seniors in Houston Metro tailored to each client’s abilities and needs. Our friendly homemakers handle chores like cleaning, laundry, meal prep and more – freeing up time for seniors to focus on family, hobbies, and wellbeing.

Overview of Homemaking Services

Homemaking involves assisting seniors with routine chores and organizational tasks around the home. These may include:

  • Planning/preparing healthy meals & snacks
  • Cleaning kitchens, bedrooms, living areas
  • Washing dishes and loading dishwashers
  • Changing bed linens, washing & folding laundry
  • Dusting furnishings and decorations
  • Decluttering spaces and organizing items
  • Watering houseplants and yard upkeep
  • Taking out trash and recycling
  • Running errands like groceries or pharmacy
  • Driving seniors to religious services or appointments
  • Helping pay bills and write letters/cards
  • Monitoring home safety issues and needs
  • Checking food/refrigerator expiration dates
  • Assisting with pet care duties

Home Matters’ professional homemakers provide hands-on assistance with household chores – maintaining cleanliness, nutrition, and comfort. We aim to keep seniors’ homes running smoothly.

Benefits of Homemaking Help

Bringing in homemaking assistance provides many benefits for Houston Metro seniors and families:

  • Helps seniors age in place comfortably at home
  • Provides nutritious meals tailored to dietary needs
  • Maintains clean, clutter-free home environment
  • Allows seniors to preserve energy for family time
  • Reduces risk of falls doing strenuous chores
  • Provides comfortable freshly laundered bed linens
  • Ensures bills and expenses are paid on time
  • Allows family caregivers to focus on quality time instead
  • Helps track refrigerator/pantry items expiring soon
  • Offers transportation help to appointments, errands
  • Gives family reassurance on home safety upkeep
  • Helps document care needs and schedules for consistency
  • Cares for pets that are important companions

With regular homemaking help, seniors can enjoy living independently at home while staying healthy and active. Home Matters serves Houston Metro families with reliable, thorough home maintenance.

Homemaking Tasks We Handle

Home Matters’ experienced homemakers assist with a wide range of household duties including:

Meal Planning, Prepping & Clean Up – We discuss dietary preferences, restrictions and allergies with families to plan nutritious, appealing meals. Homemakers also handle grocery shopping, washing dishes, and proper kitchen sanitization.

Bedroom & Bathroom Cleaning – Keeping private spaces clean is important for health and pride. We change linens, sanitize bathrooms, empty trash cans in bedrooms.

Vacuuming, Mopping, Dusting – Removing dust and allergens through regular vacuuming, mopping, and dusting maintains air quality and clear surfaces.

Laundry & Ironing – We launder clothing, towels, sheets using preferred detergents, fold items, and return them to proper drawers neatly. Gentle ironing is also offered.

Trash Removal & Recycling – We transport trash and recycling bins to the curb weekly and bring cans back. We dispose of trash inside timely to prevent odors.

Organizing, Decluttering & Storage – To create safe, accessible spaces, we declutter surfaces, organize cabinets and closets, and properly store items out of pathways.

Grocery Shopping & Errands – Homemakers do in-store grocery shopping based on supplied lists and dietary needs. We also coordinate pick ups from pharmacy, dry cleaner, and post office.

Transportation for Appointments – Using the senior’s vehicle or our own, we provide escort to medical visits, religious services, banks, and other appointments.

Pet Care – We handle pet duties like feeding, walking dogs, cleaning litter boxes, transporting to vet visits, ensuring pets get proper care and medications.

Home Matters coordinates all homemaking tasks, enabling Houston Metro seniors to feel at ease. Contact us today to discuss your loved one’s home care needs.

FAQs about Homemaking Services in Houston Metro

Choosing homemaking help involves many considerations for families. Here are some common questions with helpful information:

How often do homemakers come for cleaning, chores, etc?

Frequency varies based on needs. Many clients have visits 2-4 times per week for 4 hours each visit to handle tasks.

What training or certification do homemakers have?

Our homemakers complete training on cleaning methods, food safety, laundry processes, home organization, errands, and driving safety.

Do homemakers also help with personal care like bathing or dressing?

They can assist with limited personal care tasks if arrangements are made, or help can be added from care aides.

What types of meals do homemakers provide?

We discuss dietary preferences and restrictions to plan healthy, appealing meals. Any special diets are accommodated.

Do homemakers do yard work, gardening and outdoor maintenance?

Light yard work like watering plants can be handled. Heavier landscaping is referred to a specialist.

Can homemakers take seniors to social events and activities?

Certainly. We are happy to escort seniors to community activities, religious services, and visiting friends or family.

How does billing for homemaking services work?

Options include private pay, long-term care insurance, Veterans benefits. We submit invoices weekly.

Do homemakers handle tasks like changing light bulbs?

Yes light handyman tasks are no problem. For heavier jobs we can recommend specialists.

Please reach out with any other questions on our homemaking services. Home Matters is here to help Houston Metro families maintain safe, comfortable homes.

Contact us at 832-371-6600 to find out more about how we can help someone you love with our customized in-home care services.

Home Matters Caregiving proudly serves the Houston Metro area providing care for seniors wherever they call home.

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