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Comprehensive Dementia Care in Houston Metro

September 21, 2023
Caregiver providing dementia care for a senior

Finding comprehensive dementia care is important for your loved one.

Caring for a senior loved one with dementia poses evolving challenges as the disease progresses. From increased safety risks to personality changes, tailored care strategies become essential. Home Matters provides highly individualized dementia care in Houston Metro to support those with cognitive impairment to continue living comfortably and meaningfully at home.

Our extensively dementia-trained caregivers use research-backed techniques like validation therapy to meet seniors wherever they are cognitively without causing further confusion. We create stability through simplifying routines while seamlessly adapting care approaches to match emerging needs. Our comprehensive in-home dementia care allows families to nurture loved ones longer before considering facility options.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a progressive syndrome caused by diseases like Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia, Parkinson’s-related dementia, frontotemporal lobe dementia and others that impact memory, thinking, behavior and physical function. It is one of the most challenging conditions both for the senior living with dementia and for the devoted family members supporting them. Different types of dementia have some varying symptoms:

Alzheimer’s Disease – Most common type. Causes memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, wandering, personality changes.

Vascular Dementia – Linked to stroke/blood vessel damage. Symptoms include confusion, trouble concentrating, slowed thinking, unsteadiness.

Lewy Body Dementia – Causes memory loss, sleep disturbances, well-formed visual hallucinations, slow movements.

Frontotemporal Dementia – Impacts personality, behavior, language skills. Causes disinhibition, apathy, compulsive behaviors.

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia – Occurs for many with advanced Parkinson’s. Symptoms include memory problems, confusion, paranoia, hallucinations.

Despite some differences, all types of dementia share common care needs focused on maximizing safety and quality of life through purposeful routines and engagement.

Comprehensive Dementia Care Philosophy

Our overarching dementia care philosophy at Home Matters focuses on supporting families through cognitive decline journeys with skill, compassion and respect. We aim to nurture lifelong bonds and abilities to their fullest.

We provide fully customized care because there is significant diversity in how dementia progresses between individuals – no two journeys are the same. Getting to intimately know each senior we serve allows us to tailor approaches for the best possible outcome.

Our staff receives extensive specialty training to expertly meet evolving needs as cognition and function change over time. We stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based therapies shown to enhance engagement and delay decline.

Safety and comfort are always our top priorities. We adapt proven strategies to create the most reassuring home environment possible for seniors with dementia and their worried family members.

We believe every day is still a gift to be lived meaningfully, even when dementia steals many memories. Our devotion is to make each moment special.

Comprehensive In-Home Dementia Care Services

Home Matters is committed to delivering the full spectrum of dementia care services. Our comprehensive offerings include:

Dementia Assessments

  • Cognitive testing to determine stage of decline and types of impairment
  • Assessing remaining strengths and abilities
  • Evaluating behavioral and personality changes
  • Identifying care needs and safety risks
  • Monitoring progression rate to plan care trajectory

Care Planning

  • Individualized dementia care plans outlining successful strategies
  • Daily routine recommendations for optimal stability
  • Activity suggestions based on preserved interests and abilities
  • Home safety proofing and adaptation guidance
  • Instructions for simplifying tasks/communications
  • Medication management plans
  • Behavior management and redirection approaches
  • Written instructions for substitute caregivers

Caregiver Education

  • Dementia training workshops for families and professional care teams
  • Instruction on simplified communication techniques
  • Coaching on monitoring health changes
  • Best practices for assisting with hygiene/mobility
  • Managing common difficult behaviors
  • Creating engaging, reassuring home environments
  • Use of validation therapy to reduce anxiety
  • Strategies for prevention of wandering and agitation

Personal Care

  • Bathing, grooming, oral care, dressing, bathroom assistance
  • Support with mobility and transfers
  • Eating assistance and dietary support
  • Medication administration and oversight
  • Skin care, nail grooming and hair styling
  • Orthotic fitting and nighttime positioning

Companionship & Engagement

  • Consistent companions preventing isolation
  • Activities centered around preserved interests and abilities
  • Reminiscence, looking at old photos and videos
  • Exercise, music, arts, crafts, puzzles, games
  • Outings to special community events
  • Intergenerational activities with children
  • Pets providing emotional comfort

Respite Care

  • In-home respite breaks for family caregivers
  • Short-term respite stays at licensed facilities when needed
  • Travel companion services for family vacations
  • Emergency respite for unexpected situations

Health Oversight

  • Monitoring weight, vitals, physical condition
  • Coordinating medical appointments
  • ER/hospital assistance when required
  • Hospice collaboration in late stages

Safety & Security

  • 24/7 supervision tailored to wandering risks
  • Securing exits, use of monitoring technology
  • Removing environmental hazards
  • Medication management and home modifications
  • Addressing aggressive behavior risks

Family Support & Counseling

  • Support groups for learning and emotional support
  • Memory care education and skill-building
  • Counseling for grief, coping, difficult transitions
  • Assistance understanding care options and costs
  • Guidance on care transitions to higher levels

Home Matters delivers unparalleled dementia care. Contact us today to discuss your loved one’s needs.

Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care

Specialized in-home dementia care from Home Matters offers many unique advantages for Houston Metro families compared to facility-based memory care:

Familiar Setting – Remain in a recognizable home environment which reduces anxiety and confusion. Facilities often overstimulate.

Consistent Caregivers – Our long-tenured staff get to deeply know clients and tailor care approaches. Facilities have high turnover.

Preserved Relationships – Seniors stay near family and friends who can visit freely and get involved in programming.

Customized Care – We tailor every aspect of care to the individual person’s needs, preferences, pace and personality. Facilities take a standardized approach.

Flexible Schedules – Home care allows seniors to keep preferred routines for sleeping, eating, activities. Facilities have fixed schedules.

Lower Cost – In-home dementia care costs thousands less monthly than memory care facilities, making it more affordable long-term for many families.

Access to Community – Seniors can still access community events, religious services, shops when desired and appropriate. Leaving facilities can be difficult.

Dignified Care – Our private home setting allows us to care for seniors’ intimate needs discreetly. Some facilities have shared rooms with little privacy.

Family Participation – Loved ones can be actively involved in care, engage in activities, have shared meals and outings. Facilities limit family roles.

Pets – Seniors can continue beloved bonds and comfort from family pets at home. Most facilities prohibit pets.

Stimulation Control – We adapt our client’s home environment to prevent overstimulation. Facilities have constant noise from intercoms, staff, residents.

Seamless Transition – Our team helps families move seamlessly to higher care levels only when needed, avoiding unnecessary facility stays.

Home Matters’ comprehensive in-home dementia care provides many advantages for Houston Metro seniors and their worried families.

Our Dementia Care Best Practices

Home Matters leverages research-backed techniques viewed as best practices in caring for those with dementia and cognitive impairment. Our proven approaches include:

Simplified Routines – We establish simplified, predictable routines tailored to each senior’s natural rhythms to provide stability through reliable structure across their days and weeks.

Validation Therapy – This specialized communication approach avoids correcting distorted realities. Instead we empathetically meet seniors within their individual experience of reality in the moment to reduce anxiety.

Reminiscence Activities – We engage seniors in reminiscence therapy using photographs, music, familiar items and open-ended questions to tap into long-term memories and provide a sense of self.

Environments Modified for Safety – We adapt living spaces to prevent risks associated with dementia while maintaining a homelike, familiar feel by securing danger zones, removing clutter, and ensuring adequate lighting.

Engagement Focused on Preserved Abilities – Our activities stimulate based on retained capabilities whether that be painting, singing, sorting cards, or simple chair exercises to inspire a sense of purpose.

Specialized Training – Our team completes extensive training on the latest care approaches for supporting those with cognitive impairment through partnerships with universities and Alzheimer’s organizations. We stay sharp.

Care Partner Collaboration – We partner closely with families to understand care history and maintain a strong care team. Our open communication ensures coordinated care.

Tracking Progression – Through regular care conferences, cognitive testing, health logs and observations, we closely track disease progression so care plans stay relevant.

Planning for the Future – We help families make informed decisions about care transitions at the appropriate times to maintain safety and comfort when needs eventually exceed in-home support capacity.

Our time-tested best practices help Houston Metro families nurture loved ones with dementia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dementia Care

We know families have many pressing questions when exploring dementia care options. Here are some common inquiries along with detailed responses:

How are your caregivers trained in supporting those with dementia?

Our staff completes extensive coursework on dementia care techniques, managing difficult associated behaviors, therapeutic communication approaches, home safety, simplified routines, validation therapy and redirection strategies. We also provide substantial initial hands-on training shadowing our experienced dementia care professionals. Ongoing education keeps skills sharp.

What safety measures do you take for seniors prone to wandering from home?

We use a combination of approaches to protect those at risk of unsafe wandering including placing secure locks and alarms on doors/gates, using motion sensors and video monitoring technology discreetly, providing constant but respectful line-of-sight supervision, engaging in distracting activities, and using validation therapy instead of restraints.

How do you simplify daily routines for seniors with dementia?

We create picture-based schedules outlining consistent wake up, meal, activity, hygiene and bedtime routines for predictability and stability. We limit unnecessary variation in routines that can trigger agitation. We collaborate with families to tailor routines around long-held preferences.

How do you provide dignity when assisting a senior with dementia who resists necessary personal care tasks like bathing?

We use gentle verbal redirection, modesty preservation, pacing tasks based on cues from the senior, music therapy for relaxation and validation praise to complete personal care with dignity intact. We focus on one step at a time. We also arrange same sex caregivers when possible.

What types of activities do you do with seniors who have dementia?

We engage them in activities focused on past interests, multi-sensory stimulation, reminiscing, looking through old photos, singing or listening to familiar music, sorting cards, folding towels, simple arts like painting, gentle exercise and routines with pets.

Do your services include counseling and support for family dementia caregivers?

Yes, we provide counseling, education on practical care techniques, informational resources, facilitated support groups and respite care to support family members. Caring for someone with dementia takes a toll emotionally and physically. We ensure families have support.

Contact us at 832-371-6600 for a free consultation to share the challenges you’re facing, and to learn how our personalized home care services can help you.

Home Matters Caregiving proudly serves the Houston Metro area providing care for seniors wherever they call home.

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