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Explore our four key pillars – Nurse Guided Care, Purpose Driven Care, Better Training, Better Care, and Innovative Care – to discover personalized, holistic, and cutting-edge care that exceeds expectations.

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Enhancing Lives with Purpose and Compassion

Nurse Guided Care

Expertise, Empowerment,
and Compassion

Experience our Nurse Guided Care approach that distinguishes us as leaders in the caregiving industry. Our clinical leadership team, composed of experienced nurses, empowers clients and families by providing knowledge and resources to navigate the complexities of aging. Benefit from expert guidance, personalized care plans, and continuous support to ensure the highest level of care tailored to individual needs and goals.

Purpose Driven Care

Enhancing Quality of Life for
Older Adults

We believe in enabling older adults to lead purposeful and meaningful lives. Our evidence-based Purpose Driven Care model prioritizes behaviors associated with successful aging. Our dedicated leadership team takes the time to understand each individual’s unique purpose, goals, and areas for improvement. By aligning care plans with core motivations, we empower clients to manage their health, maintain independence, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Better Training, Better Care

Excellence Through Education

Exceptional care starts with exceptional caregivers. At Home Matters Caregiving, we invest in rigorous training programs to equip our caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to deliver outstanding care. Guided by compassionate nurses, our comprehensive training curriculum covers personalized care, specialized care for chronic conditions, effective communication, and continuous learning. Our commitment to ongoing education ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry standards, providing the best possible care.

Innovative Care

High-Tech Meets High-Touch

We embrace the power of technology to enhance the care experience. Through our innovative care options in partnership with leading tech providers, we bring cutting-edge solutions to your loved one’s home. Our Virtual Assessment Tool accurately measures care hours, predicts potential risks, and enables early detection of health issues. Stay connected and informed with remote monitoring and communication solutions that allow you to track your loved one’s well-being from anywhere. Our personalized care plans, supported by industry-leading platforms, promote transparency, trust, and family involvement in the care process.

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“I love how supportive and dependable Home Matters was for my Grandmother during the time we had their services. Their caregivers are dependable and very attentive to their clients!”
Tiffany C
“We had some hiccups with another agency and then found Home Matters through a friend! They made sure we were heard and their scheduling team is very communicative! Very happy with HMC!”
Joshua Clasberry
“I am so grateful. All staff members were friendly, courteous and kind. I would recommend them to everyone that needs help in their home! They are rock stars!!!”
Kathleen Light
“Home Matters Caregiving has been taking care of my mother full time now for over 3 years. They are committed to helping people and always work hard to find the best caregivers possible.”
Pam Knell

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