A Virtual Assessment Tool that promotes improved care outcomes

Whether you are just down the street from mom or dad, or a plane ride away, we know how hard it is to stay on top of their changing needs. The Virtual Assessment Tool enables the perfect combination of care hours, paired with virtual, round-the-clock, affordable, quality care, so you can sleep easy knowing your loved one is getting the exact support that they need.

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How it works

Accurate, qualitative and efficient care for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.




How our Innovative Care Options are changing the way home care is provided

Clay Foutch, Founder, Home Matters Caregiving

Care Hours Accuracy

The Virtual Assessment Tool measures activity hours, including during the night so you can know accurately when and if they are in need of more care.

Fall Prevention

The Virtual Assessment Tool assesses your loved one’s ability to perform tasks independently, and recommends fall prevention measures.

Detects Mental Distress and Cognitive Decline

The Virtual Assessment Tool detects trends of mental distress and cognitive decline, highlighting times where your loved one may need additional assistance or even just a call from a familiar voice.

Early Detection of Infection

UTI infections can often go unnoticed as delirium caused by the infection can be mistaken for dementia. By identifying changes in your loved one’s mental or physical state, the Virtual Assessment Tool has been successful in detecting infections.

How it works

Enable your loved one to age in the comfort of their own home, in safety and dignity, without compromising on privacy.
Set up the Virtual Assessment Tool at your home

Set up the Virtual Assessment Tool at your home

Easy-to-use, plug and play pods trained to detect only care environment audio.
The AI system analyzes data

The AI system analyzes data

Secure and HIPAA compliant technology. No human intervention.
Reviewed by a clinical team

Reviewed by a clinical team

The data allows our team to proactively take action on the initial signs of a change in condition.
Comprehensive Family Reports

Comprehensive Family Reports

Insights and recommendations for awareness and peace of mind.

Recruiting Caregivers

Are you looking to become part of team of caring and compassionate caregivers and join our mission of enhancing the lives of aging adults?

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