What is Hospice Care?

People facing the end of life often need special care, and their families and loved ones may need additional support as well. Common end-of-life desires include avoiding suffering, last wishes followed and dying with dignity. Hospice services provides expert, compassionate care for individuals as they face these stages in their lives. These services understand that each family is special and tailor an approach to your specific needs. Home Matters has relationships with many of these organizations in our local area.

Hospice provides medical and supportive care for people facing a terminal illness and their families. Hospice is for people who have decided, with their physicians, that comfort care rather than curative care is now their goal. Hospice experts work with you and when the time is right the hospice trained caregivers that Home Matters can work within parallel to provide patients with the support needed to spend their time living as fully and completely as possible, in your own familiar surroundings, and in the company of family and friends.

Hospice Care Support Services

When the time comes in a senior’s life to focus on comfort, Home Matters can provide additional support alongside the hospice organization that’s been selected to provide care for your loved one. Home Matters partners with the majority of the Hospice organizations in your local area. Our care team will put together a comprehensive, personalized care plan to fit the needs of you and your family.

Home Hospice Care Support Benefits

Many people believe home hospice services provide round-the-clock care but unfortunately, this is not the case. Often, hospice services offer an hour or two of care per day, plus a weekly check-in by a nurse. Some hospice programs won’t accept patients who don’t have a full-time caregiver at home which is where Home Matters can help.

Our specially trained hospice support caregivers can provide companionship, personal care services, and respite care. We can also offer clinical information about how your loved one is doing in between visits from your hospice nurse.

Other Services We Offer

Respite for family that have been the primary providers of care

Personal care

Emotional support



Reading aloud

Grooming and dressing

Bedding changes

Hospice can be a difficult time for both your loved one and your family. Home Matters will allow you to take off the caregiver name tag and simply be the loving daughter, son or grandchild. Our experienced care team along with our professional caregivers can enable you to do just that.

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