Senior Care: Celebrating with Seniors, Preparing for National Grandparent’s Day- Sunday Sept. 9th!

Whether you live close to the seniors in your life or they are far away, it is easy and fun to prepare for National Grandparent’s Day on September 9. After all, we all deserve a little recognition and love and the grandparents in your life are no different.

President Jimmy Carter first declared Grandparent’s Day back in 1978, recognizing the importance and impact of grandparents in the daily life of millions of Americans.

Regardless of whether it is just a simple phone call or a card or something much more extensive, the grandparent(s) in your life will appreciate the thanks and a little affection on September 9. Here are a few ideas:


Help the grand kids create a card celebrating all the reasons why they love their grandparents. Let them draw a picture of them with their grandparent or with their little hand prints on the card.

Glue pictures of the children and their grandparents on large squares of construction paper and then create a loop with ribbon on the top as a hanger. Remember to add names, location and date on the back of the picture!

Staple several large pieces of brightly colored construction paper together to make a book. Then create a collage with pictures, drawings, letters from the children to their grandparents and other mementos to create a special memory book.

Let Grandma or Grandpa be the Star of the Day and ask to interview them about their life and their history. You will get to hear fascinating stories you may have never heard before and will create a family heirloom to cherish for years to come.

Phone Calls

Of course, nothing can replace the sound of a little voice on the phone, so remember to call the grandparents in your life on Grandparent’s Day. While you can leave a simple “Happy Grandparent’s Day!” message, you can also make it a little more creative. Have the children sing “Happy Grandparent’s Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday or let each child leave a special message.

Remember that some grandparents enjoy texting as much as some teenagers, so a few little texts throughout the day will help make it even more special.

Special Treats

If you live near the grandparents in your life, schedule a visit on Grandparent’s Day. Bring them a special meal so that they do not have to cook or bring them a particular treat that you know he or she enjoys.

Encourage them to sit down and relax while watching a favorite movie while you clean their home for them and do some laundry. After all, a few house fairies are usually a welcome sight in any home!

If your grandparent lives in an assisted living community or a nursing home, check for special visiting hours on Grandparent’s Day and remember to come at that time, bringing cards and gifts for your loved one.

For grandparents who are mobile, take him or her out for a nice meal out at a favorite restaurant. Make a day out of it with shopping or a movie. Think of your grandparents’ favorite activities and interests and make sure to create a unique day.

Over 5 million children live in a home with at least one grandparent present in America. If this is the case for you, bring Grandma or Grandpa breakfast in bed, just like Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Help Out

Over three million grandparents act as parents these days, raising their grandchildren and acting as the primary caregiver. If you know of a grandparent who is also Mom or Dad, offer to take the kids on Grandparents Day for a few hours so that they can get a break.

When you bring the children back at the end of the day, bring a yummy meal for everyone with you. Perhaps you can schedule a regular “Grandparent’s Day” when you either help around the home or babysit for a while so that Grandma or Grandpa can rest and relax.

There are many, many ways to make Grandparent’s Day special for the seniors in your life. Just remember to acknowledge what they mean to you, your children and in your life.

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