Care Professional of the Month

Our Care Professional of the month is Yasmin Zurita-Sixtos. While Yasmin has been on our team for less than a year she has made a big impact over the last 7 months. Yasmin was nominated for this honor by her client. Her client shared that she always feels comfortable when she knows Yasmin will be her caregiver, as Yasmin knows her routine by heart and always remembers the little things that she needs. Her client also shared that Yasmin has a great sense of humor and they laugh a lot during their time together. Yasmin is a true professional, she goes out of her way to make her time with clients feel special and has become a highlight of their day. The management team appreciates Yasmin because she can be counted on to arrive at her shifts prepared and on time, and will pick up extra shifts to help out when she is available. We love hearing the positive feedback about Yasmin from our clients, professionals like Yasmin bring light into the lives of those they serve.
We love to hear from our clients, if you want to nominate your favorite care professional for this honor please call us at 503.352.5634 
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