Senior Vacations & Outings

Hot Senior Vacation Spots

Just because a person retires doesn’t mean they have to retire. Offers many great outing and vacation destinations close to home that cater to peoples of all ages.  From a low-impact day of shopping and dining, to a more adventurous ski-trip in the White Mountains is loaded with prime vacation spots for seniors.

Some of the favored getaways for seniors in include:

  • The Grand Canyon : Mysterious and epic in scale, hiking trips in the Grand Canyon range from the rough and tumble to less strenuous strolls perfect for senior sightseeing.  The peaceful scenery and majestic cliffs are sure to inspire a sense of calming awe. The Canyon also has jeep and helicopters tour available for a day of adventure and fun.
  • Lake Powell : Lake Powell is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors, fishing, boating, and a nice campfire.
  • Old Tucson Studios : Like Universal Studios, Old Tucson is as much a movie studio as it is a theme park.  Pan for gold and witness the filming of a Wild West movie at this unforgettable tourist hotspot.
  • Four Corners Monument : Ever wonder what it would be like to be in 4 places at one?  You can do just that at the Four Corners Monument,

Of course, Has far too much to offer to list here.  Contact your local tourist information center for a complete list of fantastic vacation destination.

International Vacations For Seniors

For those seniors looking to get a little further from home, Area is filled with travel agencies that can set up the perfect vacation package on any senior’s budget across all 50 states and the entire world.  Call around to see who might offer special discounts and services for seniors.

Take A Break From The Routine With Home Matters

Home Matters is in-home nursing staff that understands your need to get away.  If you or family is looking to get away for a day, a week, a month, Home Matters can easily put your care schedule on hold to allow you to get out and enjoy the time away, alone or with the ones you love.

Contact Home Matters today.

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