Caregiver: Showing Your Mother You Still Need Her

Being a mother is one of the most important roles that any woman can have. Most women treasure their children and the relationship that they have with them as one of the most valuable relationships that they have in their entire lives. As their children get older, however, it is easy for mothers to feel as though they are no longer important. This is especially true if there adult child is also acting as their caregiver.

Transitioning from being the one providing the care to the one receiving the care can be extremely difficult for seniors, but there are ways that you can continuously reaffirm the importance of your mother in your life while also providing home care for her.

Being a caregiver for a senior is about much more than making sure that her physical and medical needs are addressed. While providing home care for an aging parent you must also take careful consideration to support her mental and emotional health, which includes acknowledging her feelings and recognizing when she is having difficulty accepting changes that are occurring in her capabilities as well as her relationships. It is important that you balance your role as a caregiver with your role as your mother’s adult child in order to maintain the loving and bonded relationship, while also addressing all of her needs.

There are many ways that you can show your mother that you still need her. Asking her to help you with simple tasks around the house as she is capable such as putting groceries away, folding laundry or watching a sleeping baby for a few minutes will give her a considerable validation while also affirming to her that you trust her. Other ways that you can remind her of her value as your mother is to bring up memories of when you’re a child and connect them to her home care. Request a recipe that you particularly love to when you are a child, or ask her how she made your sheets smell so good. This will remind her how much you appreciate her caring for you, and show her that you are providing the same care because you love her.

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