Six Ways that OT through Home Health Care Helps Your Senior

Home Health Care Lake Oswego, OR: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy via home health care is a type of therapy that gives your senior a lot of different tools and options for living her life on her terms as she recovers. She’ll be able to learn a variety of different solutions that are going to work for her, and that can ultimately mean that she’s going to have the chance to keep aging in place after she recuperates.

Relearning Daily Routines

Home Health Care Lake Oswego, OR: Occupational Therapy
Home Health Care Lake Oswego, OR: Occupational Therapy

When your senior has been ill or injured, picking back up with regular daily routines can be difficult. If her mobility has been affected, she may also need to learn new ways of doing the things she used to do. Occupational therapists can step in and show your elderly family member how to make these daily tasks a lot easier.

Managing Medications

Medication management is another crucial aspect of healing and being able to remain independent. Home health care providers assist your senior with finding routines and supports that enable her to get her medications on the right schedule so that she’s able to fully benefit from them. Having extra help also keeps your senior’s doctors apprised of side effects from medications.

Assessing Symptoms

Keeping up with various symptoms can be the key to helping your senior’s health to improve. Home health care providers can establish routines for keeping track of your elderly family member’s symptoms and communicating those changes to her doctor. If there are changes to her routines that can alleviate those symptoms, they’re able to help your senior to adapt to those changes.

Offering Tools that Help with Meals

Food and eating are crucial to your elderly family member being able to recuperate. Occupational therapists are able to assess your senior’s challenges and help her to find tools that make nutrition a lot easier. As your elderly family member’s needs continue to change, occupational therapists can help her to adjust as well.

Assisting with Safety

Helping your elderly family member to be as safe as possible is also crucial. This means avoiding falls and addressing anything else that affects your senior’s ability to be safe at home. Occupational therapy offers a lot of different strategies and tools that help with safety and therapists make sure your senior knows how to utilize those tools fully.

Identifying Issues that Affect Independence

Anything that affects your senior’s ability to remain independent is likely something that she wants to avoid. Taking a step back and fully assessing what is happening is another way that occupational therapists are able to ensure your senior has the plan that is going to offer her the best results. If tweaking that plan would help, therapists are able to walk you through the possible options.

Recovering from injuries or illnesses isn’t easy but working with occupational therapists offers your senior a thorough approach that can make a difference. Over time, your elderly family member may not even need this extra help because she’s learned how to make the accommodations that she needs and she’s been offered the tools to heal.

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