Senior Care: Vision Changes

senior care

When you have an elderly loved one you have a long list of issues to worry about. Are they showing signs of dementia? Is there a risk of falling? Do they have fragile bones? Make sure you don’t over look vision issues as a serious medical issuemay be the cause.

It is common for seniors to have certain vision changes due to age. Difficulty reading, sensitivity to glare and trouble seeing in dim light conditions are all normal complaints. These issues are caused by bodily changes with aging and are not a cause for concern. In most cases they can be remedied by prescription glasses or better lighting conditions. However, a few more serious issues are prevalent and need to be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Let’s explore further.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration causes the loss of central vision. It may start out as a spotty loss making it difficult to see detail. Damage to the macula causes the degeneration. The macular is located in the center of the retina and is important for seeing detail and color. Often poor circulation to the retina causes macular degeneration. People who smoke, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes are at higher risk. As vision is compromised continuing to drive is not safe. Aneye doctor can diagnose this condition and offer medical options to reduce the progression of the disease.


Glaucoma is an increased pressure inside of the eye. The pressure causes damage to the optic nerve. An eye doctor tests for Glaucoma during a routine eye exam. Medications can reduce the eye pressure which will help prevent vision loss.


Cataracts are caused by the clouding of the lens. They are common for people over 65 years old. Exposure to the sun, diabetes, smoking, and high cholesterol increase the risk of cataracts. Many people choose to have outpatient surgery to replace the cloudy lens significantly improving vision.

Those concerned with senior care have to pay attention to all aspects of health including vision. Caregivers from Home Matters can help identify issues that need to be addressed. Contact us for additional information.

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