Six Hobbies to Embrace During Self-Care Awareness Month

Self-Care Awareness Month is an excellent time to look at your daily routine. How much time do you spend helping your parents, children, or significant other? Do you have any time left for your own interests?

Caring for yourself does cover things like seeing your doctor, visiting friends, and eating well. It also taps into your interests and enables you to do something you love. If you don’t have any hobbies or interests, here are six hobbies to embrace when you’re focusing on self-care.


You’ll find plenty of videos on this unique hobby that requires water plants and an aquarium. The hobby involves creating a water garden in an aquarium using plants and rocks to create a lush display that’s then cleaned of algae by freshwater shrimps or snails.

Book Discussion

Create a book discussion group with other family members and friends. It gives everyone the chance to socialize regularly. One person in the group chooses a book, and you gather on select days or evenings to discuss it. Host dinners where people bring food mentioned in the book or bring cheese, fruit, crackers, seltzer, and wine to snack on while you talk.


Breadmaking is a popular hobby, and it can keep your freezer stocked with homemade bread. Avid hobbyists often work their way up to homemade sourdough by making a starter from yeast, water, flour, and sugar. The sourdough starter is fed on a schedule, divided as needed, and used to make sourdough bread.

Learning a New Language

With apps like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, people spend time learning a new language as a hobby. The apps use various quiz methods and speaking into your phone or tablet’s microphone to get you to read, write, and speak the language as you learn it.

How do you find time for your hobbies when you’re a family caregiver? Look into the services offered by an agency that offers personal care at home. Your mom and dad don’t have to be alone all day, and you’re not the one who has to help them with their daily chores. Call an agency and ask how personal care at home can help your parents remain independent.


Quilling involves creating pieces of art using rolled-up or shaped pieces of paper. After twisting or rolling different colors and types of paper, they’re glued to the backing to create art raised off the paper for a unique effect.


Stripping goes hand in hand with recycling. You’re driving down the road and spot a free dresser at the end of someone’s driveway. It’s in good shape, but the paint is scratched or worn off. With stripping, you sand or use chemicals to remove the old paint or varnish and redo it.

To have time for hobbies, embrace the services offered by a local personal care at home agency. Caregivers spend time with your parents by providing the necessary personal care at home services. It frees up your time, allowing you to embrace hobbies and interests. Call an expert in home care
to learn more.

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