What to Keep Store and Discard When Helping Downsize a Parent’s Home

You want to allow yourself ample time when it comes to decluttering your parent’s home. Try to start downsizing within six months to a year before the actual move in order to give yourself a decent amount of time. Get rid of things like unnecessary paperwork that takes up space, and clothes that haven’t been worn in a long time. Family heirlooms and things your loved ones may have liked to collect are a good idea to store in reliable spaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always store important paperwork, and when packing it away, label it with something that says “open first” so that others know it contains important material.
  • A good way to make the process less overwhelming is by sticking to moving just your loved one and their essentials at first, going back to the rest a bit later.
  • Make the time meaningful by asking your loved ones about the possessions and the stories behind them in order to make the situation as fun and comfortable as possible.

“If it’s possible, start decluttering six months or even a year before the move. Shred old canceled checks and other unnecessary paperwork. Donate clothes not being worn. Pare down kitchen items, especially if your parent is moving into a residence that serves meals.”

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