Top Tech Tips for Caregivers: 3 Ways To Incorporate Technology In Your Care Plan

Caregivers for the elderly can make excellent use of new forms of technology in order to enhance the quality of life of the seniors in their care. New technological innovations in the world of communication can be harnessed quite well for the use of senior citizens who run an especially high risk of suffering from social isolation that can translate into deteriorating health overall. Additionally, recent studies have shown that video games offer a number of benefits to the elderly as it keeps their brains stimulated. Many video game platforms now also offer ways to engage the body in physical activity as well. Finally, technology has also made keeping track of medication easier than ever before.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientific studies have found that the amount of social connection that an elderly person experiences profoundly impacts his or her overall health.
  • Video games offer unique health benefits to players, and these benefits can be especially powerful among the elderly as the games engage their eye, brain, and other muscles in exercise.
  • There are a variety of highly reputable apps available that senior citizens can download and use to help keep track of their medications on their own.

“Being able to share thoughts or comments on platforms like Facebook or Twitter is a growing trend within the senior community — and one that should be encouraged!”

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