Talking to Doctors About Your Bucket List Could Help Advance Care Planning

Making a bucket list can be a chance to think about long term dreams and goals, and this can make it very useful to doctors when making treatment plans or encouraging patients to stick to them. Bucket list items tend to follow certain themes, with many of them revolving around personal goals, quality time with friends and family, travel or daring adventures. Knowing patients goals and motivations can help doctors plan treatment in such a way as to minimize the disruption to things that are really important to the patient.

Key Takeaways:

  • A February 8th 2018 article, written in the Journal of Palliative Medicine addressed the topic of bucket lists.
  • Based on a Stanford University study, the article was about patient’s sharing their lists to enable practitioners to come up with care plans that better incorporate their patient’s goals.
  • Researchers found that about ninety percent of the respondents had indeed created a bucket list.

“It’s a chance to think about the future and put lifelong dreams or long-term goals down on a piece of paper.”

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