Preventing Senior Isolation This Summer

Family time can be a big part of the summer, and making sure everyone is included is important. However, just to extend invitations to the elderly members of the family is not enough. Thoughtfulness and kindness go a long way. Some ways to be thoughtful are thinking about exposure and level of exertion. Make sure that there is plenty of shade, chances for rest and accessibility to the rest rooms in your plans. Extended trips such as a cruise or bus tours give seniors a chance to spend time with family without being overwhelmed. Side trips can be planned for the younger generation, but in all things, think of your older loved ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be sure if you are bringing your senior loved one to an event, there is shade available in the area as well as restrooms closeby.
  • Let your parents have a “grandparents day” with your kids in order to give you a break and to let them know that they are still needed.
  • Try to plan events that you want seniors to attend during later hours of the day when the heat is not as harsh.

“By taking time to create senior-friendly summer fun, families can make sure their older loved ones aren’t left out.”

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