Low Cost Entertainment for Seniors

Seniors often have limited budgets, but it is very important for them to find ways to keep themselves stimulated, entertained and relaxed. Instead of going out and spending money, sometimes you can get a lot of fun out of low- or no-cost options like libraries, city parks, museums or theatres. You also can host free, in-home social events like potlucks, musical jam sessions and book clubs that offer friendship and socialization without having to pay to go out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before you spend a wad on going out, ask yourself what is the important take-away and if it’s spending time, learning, being entertained, there are cheaper ways to make it happen.
  • Consider the local free resource that is your public library, which probably has besides books, puzzles, movies, movie viewings and lectures and other educational opportunities.
  • City parks are also free, besides offering a wealth of trails, exercise opportunities and educational possibilities.

“For seniors, its important for our health to get out of the house and make connections.”

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