How to Talk to Someone with Dementia

When a loved one begins to exhibit symptoms of dementia, it can be hard to know how to interact with them. Individuals suffering from dementia are prone to greater levels of irritability and interactions can become frustrating and upsetting on both ends. Concerned family members should be vigilant and on the look out for subtle changes that might indicate the onset of dementia. They should practice patience, kindness, acceptance, and mental preparation for their loved one’s further deterioration. Family members should also strive to maintain positivity in conversations.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to remember when speaking to someone with dementia to always be patient and kind, even when you find it frustrating.
  • When communicating with a loved one with dementia, try bringing photo albums and other mementos to refer to during conversation.
  • When visiting someone with dementia, change their environment by taking them for a walk or sharing a meal with them.

“watch for gradual changes in this person’s ability to communicate, because dementia is a progressive disease.”

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