How Tech Supports a New Concept of Seniors’ Wellness

Technology is making senior citizens of the United States healthier, with wearable fitness technology making it easier to keep track of the exercise seniors get on a daily basis. A lot of seniors can’t exercise like younger people do. Active aging is the concept of seniors taking action to do more around the house so they can function better on a daily basis, using what’s called a “24-hour activity cycle.” Wearable fitness tech is used to track how effective programs that use active aging, and these programs increase life expectancy by about 3 years on average.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Fitbit tracker can be a training tool for a younger person, but it can have age appropriate benefits for seniors as well.
  • A Director of mobility at Stanford U., Center of Longevity, has been studying the impact of physical movement on health, using trackers, like Fitbit.
  • Seniors can achieve wellness goals through small daily activities, chores, walks, that happen in a 24 hour period.

“Data from wearable fitness devices can show the improvement in physical health of the resident.”

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