How Seniors Benefit from Pet Therapy

Many animal lovers are incredibly fond of their pets. For Seniors this can be a more added benefit than many may realize. Offering companionship and at times their own individuality, pets used as therapy animals can help reduce the effects of many illnesses including those long term. It has been recognized in studies that therapy pets for Seniors can help improve social skills and enhance moods positively as well as reduce the need for some medications and other treatments. Healthier Seniors many would say are much happier than unhealthy ones and Therapy animals most would say can be a key determining factor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although cats and dogs are the most commonly used animals for this type of therapy, any species of animal could be used for therapeutic benefits
  • The myriad of health benefits that accompany animal based therapies is well documented by reputable organizations like the CDC
  • Animal ownership provides seniors with social companionship and opportunities for exercise among many other advantages

“Pet therapy is one of the long used treatments for taking control over a range of health problems, depression and mood disorders particularly.”

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