How can the right environment help someone with dementia?

It is very normal and common for family members to feel concerned after finding out that their loved one has been diagnosed with dementia. It is common for people to question what kind of living conditions would be most suitable for their loved one. To start off, it is a good idea to try to limit noise, stress, and anxiety in your loved one’s living space. This will can help alleviate certain mental conditions your loved one might be experiencing, such as depression. Safety is also a top concern. It is important to consider removing rugs, having adequate lighting, and installing hand grips around the house. Those examples are just a few ways to improve the safety conditions for your loved one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get rid of any rugs from the home because rugs are the foremost reason for falling inside the home
  • Post a sign at the front door warning against solicitors to prevent unannounced visitors because people with dementia are vulnerable to exploitation and scams
  • Make sure the home is well lit and consider installing lighting that uses sensors so that anywhere the person is will be lit up automatically

“When it comes to in-home safety, there are specific precautions and needed changes to make your environment safe.”

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