Dietary supplement may help older adults to keep warm

Senior citizens are uniquely vulnerable to cold temperatures, as the human body’s capacity to sustain internal warmth gradually weakens with age. However, thanks to a recent scientific breakthrough, there is new hope that things might soon change. Scientists found that L-carnitine, a dietary supplement known to boost levels of the lipid acylcarnitine, helped aging mice retain bodily warmth even as external temperatures grew cooler. Scientists believe a direct link exists between the amount of acylcarnitines flowing through a body and the body’s ability to self-warm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using a supplement that can increase the amount of brown fat in older adults is key to helping them adapt to the cold.
  • Seeing the increase in the lipid acyl carnitines in the research done in this instance is seen as a heathy response.
  • The use of brown fats that are activated by the supplement acyl carnitines is a step in the right direction for preventing hypothermia in older adults.

“Older adults are known to be more sensitive to the cold, and new research has found that a nutritional supplement called L-carnitine might one day be used as a way to jump-start the body’s central heating.”

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