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How – and Why – You Should Rethink Nursing Home Care

Old woman gets help with walking from a nurse

It’s a question we tend to shy away from until the need becomes imminent: at what point will we need to move Mom or Dad into a nursing home? But the question we really ought to consider instead is, will a nursing home really be necessary, or are there other, more palatable options?

After a lifetime of creating memories and a level of unparalleled comfort at home, for many seniors, the idea of moving into a nursing home is unbearable. In fact, according to the study “Aging in Place in America,” seniors cited their fear of moving into a nursing home and losing their independence to be greater than their fear of death. And their adult children share those sentiments, according to the study, with as many as 82% fearing their parents would be mistreated in a nursing home, and nearly 80% concerned that their parents would be unhappy there.

Thankfully, nursing home living is not always an inevitable eventuality. In-home senior care, which allows for a full range of services based on each senior’s individual needs right in the home, is becoming an increasingly popular and preferred choice. Try these tips to help your senior loved one remain safe, comfortable, and independent at home throughout the aging process:

  • Enhance accessibility and safety: A few minor home adaptations can go a long way towards maximizing safety and convenience for your senior loved one. Suggestions include:
    • Add grab bars in the tub/shower and around the toilet
    • Rearrange furniture to accommodate for a walker or wheelchair
    • Make sure that cords, throw rugs, and any other tripping hazards are moved away from walking areas
    • Ensure that there’s sufficient (and easily accessible) lighting in each room of the home
    • Store commonly used items in easy-to-reach locations
  • Embrace technology: With so many technological advances available today, such as home monitoring systems, personal emergency response systems, pill dispensers and medication reminders, staying safe at home is easier than ever before. Additionally, computers, tablets, smartphones, and video games add in the extra benefit of staying connected with family and friends, improving physical fitness levels through exercise programs, and enhancing cognitive functioning.
  • Engage the services of a caregiver: Partnering with a professional home care agency, such as Home Matters, is the ultimate way to maximize safety and wellbeing for seniors who prefer to age at home. By providing a helping hand with tasks as needed, and encouraging and assisting seniors with those tasks they’re still able to do themselves, the perfect balance between safety and self-worth is realized.

For more tips on helping seniors avoid a move to a nursing home, contact Home Matters, or to learn more about the benefits of in-home care, visit the Resources section of our website at

Our care is always managed by registered nurses and evaluated on an ongoing basis through our Care Performance Measurement™ process, ensuring continuous improvement and the highest possible quality of care for our senior clients. We’d love the chance to enhance the quality of life for your senior loved one!

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