Best Ways for Seniors to Avoid the Flu

It is flu season, and that means there is a good chance that almost everyone will eventually be exposed to the virus. While flu poses a problem for everyone, it is a serious threat to the elderly, who therefore must be exceptionally cautious to avoid catching the bug. Seniors should be especially careful around those who have the illness, should consistently wash their hands (as well as other surfaces), and should avoid direct contact with pets, who can spread the virus.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s flu season – and that means that everyone needs to take precautions against the disease.
  • However, seniors are at special risk, as the illness often hits them disproportionately due to the state of their immune systems.
  • As such, seniors must be extra vigilant with respect to hand washing, avoiding others with the disease, and keeping up good hygiene.

“When someone with the flu spreads germs, those flu germs can hang around fo up to a full day and still make you sick.”

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